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  1. Glen road in nether edge towards the bottom where it is very tight.
  2. All the cyclists I seem to see are the ones that break the law. Can someone answer this for me? Are cyclists allowed both ways down a one-way street with no cycle lanes? Reason I ask is because a few days ago as I was turning into a one-way street and there was a female cyclist coming down. I was going at normal speed and indicated but when I saw her I politely stopped to let her past so I was sort of half turned into the street. When she saw me she panicked, god knows why, pressed her brakes and almost fell off her bike. I am guessing she was a newish rider. Behind her, who I am assuming was her boyfriend decided to stop next to me and said "You could indicate you know". At which point I told him firstly I was indicating and secondly him and his partner were coming down a tight gap on a one-way street the wrong way. To this he replied "Cyclists can". So this is the reason I am asking. It was quite cheeky of the man to challenge me as I had stopped to let them past. These are the type that give cyclists a bad name, it's not my fault his partner doesn't know how to use the brakes on her bike
  3. I am born and bred in nether edge and have spent a lot of time in sharrow as well along the years and know of most of these youngsters who are causing these problems. I am Asian and can assure all the non-Asians here that we also think this is a problem that needs sorting. Don't think for a second that we think their behaviour is normal or should be tolerated. Many Asians think the behaviour of this very small group is disgusting and is giving us all a bad name. I can also assure this is definitely not a Asian vs white thing going on as these youngsters will cause problems for anyone they see as a target at the time for whatever reason. They are kids being kids who need to realise their behaviour is not acceptable and will get them nowhere in life. I have spoke to many other Asians living in nether edge and sharrow who are worried about the the impression these little ****s are giving out. I hope they are taken off the streets as soon as possible.
  4. its not their "area". The only kids I see hanging around the bottom side towards broadfield park are very young. Early teens, these are the sort of kids that run off when you stamp your foot, trust me ive seen this. so these lads just because they were playing football where they shouldnt have chased them all the way home, put their windows through and then returned on christmas day and put them through again? minority in the street, there are a lot of asians but i dont think there is one road in nether edge where white people are the minority. im not swearing black is white, the story just does not add up to me. I am simply defending the place i have been brought up and lived all my life without a problem and know the phases most of these kids go through that are living here.
  5. i thought it was none of my business? and why do you not just post a link to the story?
  6. im not saying you are lying im saying i just dont believe you! someones windows being put through on christmas day i would hear about as the area we are discussing is around where i live. and yes it is not my business so please dont tell me.
  7. it can go off down there just like it could in any other area. I just do not believe this story sorry.
  8. and what about all the other white people on the street? sorry but i dont believe this, everyone is entitled their own opinion. I live very close to broadfield pub and know a lot of people around the area and have lived here for 26 years and am yet to hear (apart from you) that a white family have been driven out of the area due to racial abuse. this would not be acceptable, and youre saying the police were involved? so why werent these lads caught?
  9. sounds like it was a targeted attack then doesnt it? i dont see "gangs" walking around putting random peoples windows through. sounds like your relatives were targeted, why? i dont know?
  10. Sometimes I dont know where people get their stories from. Nether Edge is a very nice area with plenty of shops and nice pubs as well as having good transport links to the city centre. I have lived in Nether Edge for 26 years and never been beaten up, threatened or abused on the streets in any way. Someones mentioning gangs, there are no gangs in Nether Edge, if you're talking about a bunch of school kids that may occasionally hang on street corners because they have nothing better to do dont make them sound like the crips! Fair enough you will get the odd crime here and there just like any other area, but the majority of it is nice and the crime is normally around the Abbeydale Rd side. The story someone has put on here about the racial abuse and driven out of their home I do not believe for one second. The worst you will probably ever come across is a bunch of 12 year olds walking by you trying to look hard, and if this intimidates you then stay away.
  11. :hihi::loopy:I am actually a very pleasant and happy person. :D And how can you make such assumptions just because I said someone is average looking and so are most celebrities until a few months later when they have spent a lot of money on their looks. Im sure most would agree with this. And for your information I love christmas! ---------- Post added 20-12-2012 at 09:13 ---------- yes that is true. I wasnt talking about Jess I was talking about many other celebrities plastered all over the media that arent worth **** as a person but all of a sudden get this fame out of nowhere. Yes and Jess is a role model for our younger generation because of her humble and nice character but most celebrities dont possess these qualities and that is what I was getting at.
  12. this is so true! Makes me quite sick to think the modern day young girl idol (Kim Kardashian) was only made famous when she made a sex movie and it was leaked (deliberately). And then some time later got married for about a month. And these are the people our younger generation are looking up to and idolising. Its not only Kim K, theres many, men and women, common as muck, not got a single braincell but are sudden celebrities for having one talent (or not) and suddenly millionaires because of the public. ---------- Post added 19-12-2012 at 10:52 ---------- training to be the best in something which may not work out takes a lot of time and dedication and big support from family and friends, sadly not everyone has this so that is a stupid comment you have made. She is absolutely stunning? Very average I would say but I guess she is going to get prettier over time just like every other very average looking girl that made some money and then started on the cosmetics.
  13. I can do it myself and have done a few times in my previous cars. If someone charged me a reasonable amount, I would pay as if fitted incorrectly you could end up with your boot on fire as did one of my cowboy mates . Say if I had been quoted £55ish (£25 for the wiring and £30 for the hours work) I would get it done as £30 for a hour is a lot more than your average worker is getting, but if Im gonna get charged £85, i will rather do it myself.
  14. Hiya need a subwoofer installing. It is an active enclosure (and no im not a chav and drive a "kitted up" car, just want the music to sound better). I have been quoted £85 for the wiring plus installation. Is there anywhere that can beat this or is this normal? Thanks
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