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  1. freyasdad

    Walsall v Blades - Matchthread

    Another tricky match. They played really well at the lane and we will do well to get a win. Going for 2-1 to us.
  2. freyasdad

    Tonights attendance

    This thread is so tempting. Resist I must resist. 16,164.
  3. freyasdad

    It's going to be Dave Jones- Now Confirmed

    Ah well new manager , new era so it will be back to winning the champs league , world cup etc. While we do it quietly
  4. freyasdad

    Blades v Oldham Matchthread

    Another toughie in my opinion. As for the amount of matches all the other teams have a heavy schedule. Our squad which in my eyes is the best in the division if managed well should at least keep us where we are. Going for 3-1 and this time will have money on it It seems Evans is having his striker blip but the other players are chipping in which is good.
  5. freyasdad

    Megson sacked - confirmed

    This situation reminds me of us and warnock a few years back. Football wise not liked by everyone , the chairman allowed warnock to go which in many eyes was a huge mistake ( since then McCabe has stated he's made mistakes which I think this was one ) and ultimately in my eyes cost us an immediate return to the prem. The similarities are there for all to see that's why I stated in my opinion a huge mistake by MM.
  6. freyasdad

    Megson sacked - confirmed

    Are you joking managing at a higher level? His brand of football is not liked and after getting sacked yet again how many chairmen do you think would take a chance?
  7. freyasdad

    Megson sacked - confirmed

    He's a businessman first and foremost. The only logical explanation is megson got the bullet because MM thought you wouldnt get promoted under him hence a financial decision it can't be anything else. It's been said he's protecting his investment which is 100% correct.
  8. freyasdad

    Megson sacked - confirmed

    But, I do think the way this has been done (if it is all true), interviewing others while the bloke is still employed at SWFC is morally dubious to say the least. It's not about morals it's a pure cash scenario. One in my opinion will backfire on MM.
  9. freyasdad

    Megson sacked - confirmed

    What if the club is running at a loss? I think non promotion will have a higher impact than just the £7 million if indeed those figures are correct. It seems this debate is going down a similar path to one a few years back.
  10. freyasdad

    It's going to be Dave Jones- Now Confirmed

    You heard wrong pal it's billy smart
  11. freyasdad

    Megson sacked - confirmed

    What moving from south Barnsley to west Rotherham? Doubt it but the ground capacity does mirror current owls attendances :hihi: Wait for it , wait for it....breathe now hit that button
  12. freyasdad

    United v Scunthorpe

    Thats what I was told as well about Hoskins. I hope its wrong I've heard he's a decent player He does look a very good player, when he plays. The victory was crucial last night and I totally agree with Wilson. The derby match is forgotten and back to business. I for one would have taken 4 points from the 2 home games but we already have 3 so that's great news.
  13. freyasdad

    Megson sacked - confirmed

    Maybe MM is realising his investment is not what he thought and the initial information used to buying he club was flawed. The matter is in the balance really. If he gets flack he may just leave, can't see it but you never know.
  14. freyasdad

    It's going to be Dave Jones- Now Confirmed

    Megson is contemplating taking MM to court. Strange decision for me at least he should have had until the end of the season but trying to second guess a chairman? I don't think this is going to benefit the club, at least this season anyway.

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