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  1. scheme request form https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/roads/works/schemes/transport-service-requests.html Check to see if it's already been requested on the map, that will also give you an idea of the lengthy list it will be joining
  2. They had a similar issue in The Hague, and have pretty much solved it. If you go to the street view of Kotterstraat Hague you can see how it was and how it is now by taking the little bod up and down. This is just one example of how they've done it, there are others. Where they haven't been able to provide on street outside the house parking they have created small resident only car parks - I think some of theses exist around Walkley already.
  3. M/C parking in Wellington St car park, Carver St car park, and outside Curzon. Plus I believe they can be parked in most car parking bays, you can always check with SCC - transport@sheffield.gov.uk
  4. At very least at weekends over the summer shut it to everything except access, pedestrians and cyclists, and rollerbladers, and skaters, and skateboarders and families, allow kids to play, and allow the restaurants , bars etc to put out tables in the carriageway - Free Ecclesall Road
  5. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/roads/works/schemes/penistone-road.html 3rd plan down, 2 left turn lanes, one right turn/straight on lane
  6. There are at least 8 dotted around the city centre
  7. Argentina. Messi to inspire and join an elite club of truly great world cup winning players Pele, Maradona and Pirlo
  8. and here's what they had to say afterwards 'All six Giant-Shimano riders admitted to being surprised by the difficulty of stage two through the Pennine Hills into Sheffield. "I think I'll wish Chris Froome a lot of good luck for the GC fight that morning," said Kittel, laughing as he did so. "We did 100km today and clocked up 1,600 metres of climbing. If you double that [across the whole stage], then that’s a lot of altitude gained, as much perhaps as in some of the Alpine stages." When asked about that day's final climb of Jenkin Road, which has a pitch at 33 per cent, Koen de Kort said: "I was considering walking it. It's tough – very steep and pretty long as well. I couldn't believe how it kept going. If the race is not completely broken to pieces before it, then it's certainly going to happen on there. I don't think there will be a very big group at the finish after that." "I think it's harder than Amstel Gold," he said in response to a question comparing the Dutch Classic with the Sheffield stage. "I think it's even harder than Liège," quipped Degenkolb. Kittel confessed he had been impressed by the reception he and his team-mates had received while doing their recon. "Everyone has been very polite, even when we've blocked the roads," he said. "When you look around there are banners everywhere, bicycles hanging on walls. I think that's really cool and that in July we'll have a really big cycling party here."' http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/gallery-kittel-and-giant-shimano-on-tour-de-france-reconnaissance-in-yorkshire
  9. Penistone Road is closed for the Great Yorkshire run in Sept http://www.greatrun.org/Events/Information.aspx?ctid=81&id=11 , it's open tomorrow
  10. You could y park on Old Penistone Road, or Livesey Street (but you'd need to be early), Herries Road, or further afield in Oughtibridge and cycle through Beeley Wood
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