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  1. Just been on their website and its amauter at best , read the T&C at the bottom of the "how it works" and its a joke
  2. https://www.doncaster.gov.uk/db/enews/article.asp?Archive=&CatID=31&Art=6261
  3. Anybody know best place to sell scrap cars that can collect . Iv got 2 peugeot a 405 and 406 that I need gone need the space and don't have the time to sort them out. Thanks
  4. Iv just posted an ad in the for sale section for logs for woodbuner
  5. Price of scrap is very low = no scrap men knocking around , when it goes back up thats when they all come out
  6. Yeah b and q own screwfix all part of the kingfisher group ,,,
  7. I would give the Sheffield star a miss nobody reads or buys it , why not try the free papers you get on the buses think its called metro
  8. did the van have one silver wheel and the rest black
  9. I throught Scarborough was a nice place to live ?
  10. Get a tab 3 their alot better
  11. just keep your eyes on ebay and gumtree , try google-ing the items you have had stolen and your area might come up with sales in your area that match , worth a try
  12. i know which you mean , and i think the same in 3 years im yet to see a bus go through it , it should be opened up and used as a road , but thats the sheffield planners for you ant got a clue
  13. Give Uri Geller a call , I'm sure he would be happy to help
  14. was that your golf , when the wheels showed up on ebay on another blue golf not far from sheffield , did you ever get the wheels back ?
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