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  1. Thanks Cid hubby lives at home with me but having our friend stay has been nice - even if some of the time she’s been in floods of tears.. but she’s been through an extremely tough time in her life.. which is why she’s staying with us in the first place xxx
  2. Thanks Hippo, we are very happy with her staying here, but electricity and gas bills etc don’t pay themselves, so she’s going to claim some money towards rent as part of her benefits. I think we have an idea of how much we can ask for and how much we will ask for now ?
  3. Thanks very much!! That gives a good starting point ???
  4. Thanks, it is unlikely to be a whole year.. mabye 6 months until she gets herself sorted out.
  5. Hello, I live in Walkley, and have a friend staying with us. She has applied to the DSS for rent help - shes been with us about 2 months, we have not charged her at present due to her circumstances. We need an idea of how much rent (inclusive of all bills) to charge her. She has a nice room, access to the whole house, wifi etc and shares some food with us. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  6. Very interesting thanks! I hope he does not end up with a 'stinky dave' haha!!!
  7. Yes.. thats his thought.. it will give him s bit more to do, and some company (hopefully) Thanks all for the replies.. keep em coming!
  8. Thanks, I think my dad wants to dip his toes in the water maybe just for a term to see how he gets on.. I think mature students would certainly suit him better than young uns!
  9. Thanks! Yes that's a good start.. I hope a few students will reply, especially about the catering option
  10. Hello I need your opinions please! My dad is planning to get 2 student lodgers. He has a large pleasant but cold house, he is thinking he might cater for those who live there. So.. my questions.. Would you be happy to have your meals made for you? If so how often and what sort of meals? What facilities would you expect ? Like TV internet land line use.. washer drier, parking etc etc Oh and how much rent would you pay? Many thanks Anna xx
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