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  1. The BNP have taken Rotherham's mayor out plus another seat. They also finished second in several Barnsley wards, according to the Yorkshire Post.
  2. Having three sisters and a brother I wouldn't know but thanks, it narrows down substantially where the lies are coming from.
  3. Sheffield must still be stuck in a timewarp, like the only other citizens of Yorkshire in Barnsley and Rotherham that give Labour local election victory. I have faith the Lib Dems may just pull it off. <edit> Just have to look at the last desperate flailing from a failing party lying to see it's lost for Labour already.
  4. Retailers could only charge, say 2.92, 2.94, 2.96, 2.98 What would Asda do for their CDs? Just thought that isn't correct actually.
  5. If China didn't have it's policies on child birth where would it be now? Still a third-world hovel probably. It's going to be the only way Africa can survive and prosper with increased food prices. There just isn't any more room at the inn in the west.
  6. You must be horrified at the good majority of the English who are centre-right/right then nationwide.
  7. http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/index.asp?pgid=19828 The Legal Services Commission administers legal aid for the Sheffield area. They can advise on legal aid matters such as whether you qualify for help. Email them at leeds@legalservices.gov.uk.
  8. It's hugely important for the future of the nation as a Boris win will signify the return of the Conservative party and will ensure millions more votes for them in the General Election. Combined with the official Murdoch Media switch coming soon it could be worth as much as 10-15 extra points on top of the current 16 point lead... entering the destruction of Labour in the short to medium term arena which gives the Conservatives two elections at least to undo the extreme damage wrought during the gluttonous, debt-inspired orgy Labour years.
  9. Even regionally they've done appallingly up until last year. Heaven knows how bad it'll get this year. Out of 20 Yorkshire councils the only ones Labour are Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield. There's three Conservative and one Lib Dem but the Tories will be looking to make gains, possibly as many as 6 councils mostly in North Yorks. The rest of the councils don't have a leading party but most can expect significant gains for the Tories and/or Lib Dems depending on the city at the vast expense of Labour.
  10. Less than 5 million people read a newspaper. Over 20 million watch the proven admitted biased BBC (as well as C4 News come to that) Ergo the out-of-touch public sector leftists have the upper hand on spouting brainwashing rubbish and, yet with living real life constantly, the vast majority of the nation know it's garbage and will never conform. Just like at all the other leading world nations.
  11. Like postal voting fraud itself who benefits the most from such "errors"?... that's right.
  12. Jesus Christ! you've come up with some crackers tonight. I'd wait and see just what the picture is by the election in 2009 and how worse it has got because there is no escape from the worsening conditions and it's becoming ever clearer the last ten years of Labour are responsible for no way out. The fallacy that Labour are competetent is coming tumbling down... the poorest have been suffering the last two years and it'll only get worse. The Tories are quietly taking the lead already in polls in the working class southern areas, by 2009 vast swathes of the working classes nationwide will be voting blue. Ultimately the poorest will give their verdict... and it won't be pretty for Labour.
  13. The dangers of using quota before loyalty and possibly ability coming to the fore once more in politics. It's happened with the Conservatives, not so dramatically, where someone has jumped ship on a whim to Labour once elected. There needs to be strong affiliation with the party for years, surely and obvious proof of loyalty as well as ability for candidates.
  14. It's for various stretching excercises to do before/after typing but TBH there's nothing that isn't in the VideoJug video.
  15. Bought this RSI thing a bit back but never bothered using it. http://www.d2dimports.co.uk/wristwand---rsi-prevention-and-stretching-device-200-p.asp There's desktop software that pops up when there should be a rest or excercises. Also http://www.videojug.com/film/rsi-prevention-exercises
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