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  1. My driving instructor is great and has a Honda Jazz. She's called Margaret and works for Martin Woodwards. She also taught my brother a couple of years ago.
  2. ... I can get etched glass effect for windows. Ideally, someone to design it then stick it to the windows. Thanks
  3. Bradfield School is closed tomorrow, Monday 22nd October due to a fire. Updates are to be on Radio Sheffield.
  4. Our house is a 3 bedroom detached with a large back garden. We had it valued last year at £240,000. Off the top of my head we have around 200 years left on the lease so at the moment not interested in buying it, unless it increases in price dramatically. The correct price for freehold is £1730 (just checked the letter) which includes their admin fees and land registry fee of £40. It also says that it usually takes between 2 to 3 months to complete. Hope this helps.
  5. Our lease is with Estates & Management, touch wood we haven't had a problem so far (4 years). We had quite a large conservatory put on our house last year. I contacted E&M and asked if I needed to do anything as far as the lease goes. All they asked was if I needed planning permission for it, which I didn't, and had a letter from the council to prove it, all they wanted was a copy of the letter and didn't charge me a thing. As for billing, I receive a bill twice a year with no problem. It also offers me the freehold if I want to buy it for £1700, our ground rent is £30 a year by the way, I usually phone them to pay over the phone but this time I've paid through their web site. http://www.e-m.uk.com Hope this helps
  6. Hey, I know the people that live at 53, wait till they see this post. Good job they've got a sense of humour.
  7. After the feedback so far, I'm thinking of letting the property myself instead of using an agent. The very thing they say they are charging me for is exactly the same thing they are charging you guys for!! Only I will be paying them every month! I suppose I'm worried because it's the first time we've let a property, and you hear some scary stories, that I thought the agents would be there to fall back on but it seems not.
  8. Hi Folks I've read this thread with great interest as we are putting our house up for rent soon. We've got someone coming from Martin & Co to give us the information and valuation for renting, so I'm glad they've had good feedback so far. We've already had someone from Reed Rains, what do you all think of them? What I want to know is the perspective of the person renting a property, as we have never rented out before. What do you expect from the letting agent and the landlord? (Other than repairs done as soon as possible) Also what is the £215 charge for?
  9. Thanks Chavs I know Loxley has trouble filling it's places with pupils each year and has to advertise for pupils. But I still think that people would use their car to take the kids to Bradfield instead of walking, and if the busses were taken off can you imagine how many cars would be trying to use the turning circle. I agree with you about primary children not making their own way to school, but theres nothing stopping the parents walking as well. I know this would then bring in issues with working parents but everything just rolls into another situation. I just wish that there was a way to resolve this matter without upsetting the children and their parents, I just can't see it happening though.
  10. Before I start I would like to say I fully understand and sympathise with the residents of WPV why they would like the catchment area to change especially when you bought your houses on the understanding that you would be in the catchment. Some of your reasons I find a little hard to swallow. Firstly how you feel the distance to walk to Myers is too far and therefore parents would use their cars to transport their children to school, and the reason that the children from Stannington are closer to Myers than Bradfield. As I resident of Loxley, I know that a number of residents drive from WPV to Loxley Primary past their local school of Wisewood Primary to take their children to Loxley. The traffic at school times is horrendous and dangerous as parents are only interested in find a parking space and have no consideration for local residents walking to school as they just run up the kerb whether you are there or not. (Yes, I know it's not just WPV parents buy I am trying to justify for reasons for the change). Loxley's Head Jan Fletcher has sent numerous letters home about this situation so I guess a few local residents have complained, I for one and my neighbours are fed up with it. Shouldn't you be implementing your reasons at Primary level.
  11. I would say that the majority of people don't think this way, it's more to do with that fact that children from rural areas may have difficulty getting a place at Bradfield.
  12. Annual Council Tax Payable 2007/08 Take for example band D - £1383.44, if you live in Bradfield Parish £1418.10 difference = £34.66 Well smiley cat that got the cream, if thats not back biting I don't know what is.
  13. Isn't this a contradiction in itself!! If you are paying £140.00 a month to Bradfield Parish you must be I think you will find that the majority of the money goes to SCC and a small payment of around £30+ PER YEAR depending on which band you fall in goes to Bradfield Parish. Remember those of us who have a genuine interest in this matter also read messages on other forums. ;)
  14. Has anyone changed to the implant after being on depo injections? The reason I am asking is because I have been having the depo injection for the last 7 years without any problems at all, and no periods. I was thinking of changing to the implant because I have been on the depo for a long time and I can forget about contraception for 3 years, but I don't want to go back to having heavy periods and discomfort

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