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  1. Yes I'm with Apple on the iPad however I'm on Android on my One X that's rooted and running custom rom and tweaks, I just dont know if the 7 inch one would be big enough or not
  2. Hi guys just wondered what you would have between the iPad and a Nexus 7, I currently have the 1st gen iPad (32gb wifi & 3G) but was thinking of selling it to buy a nexus 7
  3. if i had something to offer i would, is your facebook page up and running as would like to take part and buy some tickets but that link you put on a bit back doesnt work thanks
  4. Anyone know whats happening in Hillsborough?? I've got river behind my house and im at work
  5. Just be careful as your account can get banned for having more than one account, you need to make sure that you have logged out of the account before posting in another.. Just a heads up before your account is banned
  6. people who have been offered a property and accepted it did they give you the keys the same day?
  7. Glad you like it, all the information you need wil be found on the xda website
  8. Hi guys google chrome is out for iOS, just installed it on my iPad and am quite impressed looks like desktop version.
  9. Yes go for this one, i had this on my sensation and it ran spot on. The Sensation has the same chipset as the XE just underclocked and of course the beats audio is spot on here you go http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=14191938&postcount=1
  10. No you dont need S-OFF i have a HTC One X which is rooted and running custom rom, all i had to do is unlock the bootloader with HTC DEV and thats it just upload the boot.img then into clockwork mod recovery and flash away
  11. There is a bonus still which has been easier to achieve, I've been there for just over 2 year's on the Technical department, my team leader is spot on couldn't ask for anyone better
  12. were is the house? how much waiting time did you have?
  13. I think the op is on about me as he was going to buy my laptop off me but they wanted to see my passport and take a copy of it for some strange reason. When I said no due to identity theft and so on they thought I was in the wrong
  14. It's bad on here Holme Lane and only a stone throw away from river
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