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  1. What about the two fit guys who did the martial arts routine? Do you think they'll have a 'sporting' chance in the next round?
  2. My friend's husband who has bowel cancer has been having B12 injections as part of his treatment.
  3. Mum - that's how I've always spelt it and if you look on birthday cards in the shops can't say I've seeing any with Mom on just Mum (or Mother!)
  4. Of course we should. When I first moved to the Isle of Wight it was the SF that kept me sane. It stopped me from being home sick. I think its a great forum as there is such a diversity of people posting on the site. I am on the forum every day and have even told my mum (who still lives in Sheffield) about things that have happened in Sheffield (that I have found out by reading the forum) that she wasn't even aware of!!
  5. I keep hearing on Radio 2 that there is snow in Sheffield!! Is there? I am due to drive there and was wondering if it was really as bad as the radio was saying - by the way, warm and sunny here.
  6. When ever I have come visiting Sheffield and gone to the theatre I have always parked in the NCP car park as I have found it to be the safest place to park. When I came in January we messed up with the pre-paid ticket machine so ended up not actually paying anything for the parking!!! We mentioned to the car park attendant on our way to the theatre that we had made a mistake and he said don't worry you can rectify it when you return just speak with the chap on the barrier when you are leaving. When we got to the barrier it was the same guy we had spoken to earlier and he just waved us through.
  7. Park Resorts do weekend bookings. I believe they have holiday resorts around the Country. We have two here on the Isle of Wight.
  8. So glad I'm not going abroad for my holidays. Will just stay at home and soak up the sun here on this wonderful little Island. Been absolutely gorgeous here for the past two days - no rain, just beautiful blue sky's and that wonderful yellow thing in the sky - think it's called the Sun!!??:hihi:
  9. Yes, Willowgarth is a school. It is at Grimethorpe,Barnsley - I used to live behind it in the early 90's.
  10. The red squirrel can be found on the Isle of Wight. We have to ensure that none of the grey variety get across the water as they kill the red squirrel and they would become extinct.
  11. When I worked at HSBC at Tankersley I had a card. I wasn't quiite sure why we were able to get one either but it did save quite a bit of money, esp at Xmas time.
  12. I lived on Pickering Road from 61 till 66/67. My auntie, uncle and cousin lived at the top of Pickering Road. I went to Parkwood Springs Methodist church and my cousin was the last person to marry there before it was closed.
  13. I also do you.gov and Opinion World. Both good survey companies. Opinion World gives to charities and they have three different ones on the go each time for you to choose from and they change them as soon as the 'fund' money is reached (5,000 pounds). You also get entered into prize draws - although have to say I haven't won anything yet!
  14. Just heard on the news that the Matthews's house has now been boarded up by the Council. No mention of what is happening with the other children.
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