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  1. They've been chopping more peoples heads off. They've got a whole bunch of Kurds lined up for the chop. They just need slaying mercilessly. As I said, just go in an napalm the lot up! Wipe it out of existence then engage in dialogue with other extreme groups who are not quite as tasty! Even Al Qaeda think IS are going over the top just to put my somewhat barbaric solution into perspective.
  2. Not so concerned about who comes in given vast majority graft, but head count on such a small island is a concern. Sounds like some far right racist drivel but it's not far from the reality unless we bin off the countryside and build up all our urban areas like hongkong or something!
  3. Kill them as well then. There is nothing to try them for. They are openly over there representing this vile cult. Doing porridge isn't exactly going to stop em signing up. And lengthy implies they should one day be released? ---------- Post added 28-08-2014 at 19:31 ---------- Agree with all that really. A more justified war effort than those started by Bush/Blair !
  4. Not posted for a while but yes, I am generally this daft. Ignore the Nuke thing - that's silly, yes, but killing em? Why is that silly? Do you think we could rehabilitate them, or do we just try to understand em and sympathise with them?
  5. That Shaun Wright needs to do one now! Hound him out if necessary!
  6. We should send in ground troops and they should simply kill all UK citizens fighting for IS. Wipe them out. If the "Islamic" state is ever established it will be the first justified use of a nuke to wipe out an entire section of our planet and leave nothing but a big hole!
  7. The scumbags in the council who either turned a blind eye or proactively protected the dirty rapist paedophile scum by arresting children / parents because of political correctness gone mad and reverse-racism should have criminal proceedings launched against them. They should be sent down!
  8. Pure Gym Millhouses was a good gym from Oct 13 to Jan 14 then I saved the subs by buying some good heavy cast iron Kettlebells and a very large gym Matt. I worked hard in the gym but my god, the Kettlebell stuff is evil! It's good for conditioning if your body is buggered too. Read up on them, Read up on Pavel, Strong First, SFG, Dragon Door, RKC and never need a gym again.... having said that, if you meet up with folk in there the gym is a good place to meet and I suppose if you are in there having a chin wag for 2 hours you are going to be able to vary the intensity. Anyone who goes to a gym to go flat out can be done in 30 to 45 minutes easy, so perhaps you can say the ladies chin wagging have done that in a less intense elongated 2 hour session....
  9. What goes on in the gentlemans club stays in the gentlemans club young man!
  10. In the context of your post. 153.6Bn was old debt, to 2009. Your next check point is now where 400Bn of bankers debt and another 600Bn of debt makes an apperance for the first time so old debt how? This exposes a drivel element to your post and without sources your figures are meaningless erm drivel..... With respect!
  11. It's for tonight given the Duggan verdict!
  12. Anyone remember these, around the time of the last general election. Allowed anyone to stand as an independent MP (well, gave a platform to make this easier anyway). What ever happened to it? They seem to have disappeared.
  13. We are all suffering a little, not just the poor and disabled. The upper working classes in particular or anyone who's actually worked all their life then lost their job to be offered about £6 a week etc etc.... It's a no brainer that slightly higher taxes on the rich would be a fair way of increasing revenue but if you but in higher tax brackets then the company moves offshore. All big business and rich folk move offshore to avoid taxes (or bend the rules ala Amazon) then we get even less revenue and the poor people get no benefits at all and are left to starve. Yes, the rich are holding us to ransom in that regard but keep their taxes relatively low and we get more investment. Another common sense fact if you think about it. MrNM - proud to promote common sense!
  14. Done! So if we are 1.25Tr in debt, and about half of it is due to the banks and old debt that leaves about 600Bn unaccounted for. Who's fault is that?
  15. We are still paying off Labours debt. It happens every time they exit government and the conservatives get branded evil for fixing the mess. When the county is fixed Labour promise unsustainable policies on the back of the countries new found strong position before getting back in power as a result and dismantling it all again... It's cyclic. It's no more complicated that this and can be deduced by simple observation and common sense. We are not being fed lies.
  16. Didn't mind Foster in the main, but his anti Sheffield United bias made me sick. A positively angelic club compared to the Sheffield authorities favorites from S6 yet every little bit of bad press had him salivating over the bucket of feces he was about to stir!
  17. Is it really the smell of poor quality, or are you getting the smell of fresh meat and fish confused because you are more used to sanitized supermarkets and vac packed products sandwiched in between TV dinners catering for those scared of the realities of every day life in the real world! Granted, some of the folk down the old market area in general made me feel like I was in that colony on Mars in Total Recall, but the markets themselves and a good proportion of people there, were great
  18. Mobile signal, and in particular data signal in Sheffield as a whole is utter garbage, and I'd imagine there are 3rd world countries with a better mobile infrastructure than the UK. It wants treating with utter contempt it's that bad!
  19. Stan, it's been a while and I know you've missed me. Could sit here all night chatting but I need to top and tail some king prawns for my tasty baguette. Ciao
  20. I know, so expensive! I mean the revenue the royal family drives through tourism for one is non existent. and those bloody patriots with their flags and vulgar sense of identity and pride. Enslave them all, especially the middle classes. Communism for the win!
  21. Thatcher was the greatest leader of our time! Almost as good as Ronald Regan!
  22. lol, so it is. Long time ago that. I've moved up in't world now. Cristal's for rich chavs! I'm actually ashamed of my past. Don't mess with the tiger prawn sandwich filling though! Respec!
  23. Yeah, killing people because they are rich is always right!
  24. Like that's the Tories fault! Some of the stuff on this thread makes me want to spit my king tiger prawn sandwich out. As for the insinuation that I drink Cristal (in your fictional quote of mine), it's Chardonnay grape, over priced rubbish. Just because me and the boys at the gentlemans club have money to burn from our entrepreneurial exploits of the 80s (thanks again Magz), it does not mean we waste it on overpriced champers!
  25. Loss Leader. They like and go back many times. Initial loss turns to profit.
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