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  1. Does anyone know a good place near rother valley to go sloe picking?
  2. My gran gave me her method, and it's exactly the same ratios as Delia's and they always work http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/cuisine/european/english/yorkshire-pudding.html except, I use all semi-skimmed milk instead of the 3oz milk 2oz water. As some have said, it's all about the oven temp, and getting your tin and dripping nice and hot, smoking. A tip my gran gave me was to put a little pepper in with the dripping if your yorkshires are prone to sticking to the tin
  3. Does anyone know what happened at the cowlishaw road / junction road junction? I was going from Psalter Lane down to Ecclesall Rd about 8:15 this morning and the police had it taped off and were not letting anyone near.
  4. mmmmmmmm Svickova, I think i am addicted to bread dumplings LOL, i've just come back from a week in Prague and just loved the food (and of course the beers!) The first thing i did when i came back was to look here and see if there was any Czech restaurants in Sheffield. If anyone finds out a place that you can get a nice Czech meal can they let us all know
  5. if you want to see lots of wanted posters goto google image search, enter "wanted poster" in there and you'll get loads there's also a fun site http://www.glassgiant.com/wanted/ than can make one up for you
  6. Hi there, there are lots of things they could have done better with Vista (device drivers grrrr being one) but the legacy software support is not as bad as i has thought it would be (there is a setting where you can right click on the EXE that's being run, and in compatibility set it to "XP" and that seems to fix lots of problems) I however must say - MS Works is the work of the devil and as such should be burned. I am a big supporter of the open source comunity and this is a bit of a plug, but... You may want to check out things like open office - http://www.openoffice.org/ it's all the tools you get in office, only free I also came across a few months ago when someone was looking for an Si replacement http://www.turbocashuk.com/accounting-software-compare.html and it can be downloaded free at http://www.turbocashuk.com/accounting-software-download.html so you can try it out and see if it fits the bill (should work with vista, not that i've tested it but it seems most Open Source projects seem to react to these things better )
  7. I've never looked at the sports feeds, but a good one to check is discovery HD and BBC HD - they both use a high bandwith/low compression when transmitting the signal I know that previously sports channels were notorius for transmitting low quality (highly compressed) feeds - maybe that's what's happening here. as for the HD/BR thing, BR is where i'm placing my stake in the ground, PS3 will mean loads of players will be in your house already plugged into your HDTV It's not quite like last play station (where the biggest selling bundle combo was Matrix) but it's going to be a foot in the door.
  8. I can also recommend the EOS range - if you are seriously into photography that's the one i would say go for (5D or 400D if you prefer a slightly smaller camera) however the technology is seriously amazing nowadays on compacts - i would even go as far as saying that I could take a photo with an eos-350D and the Ixus i900 and you would be hard pushed to tell the difference (obviously it's not always the case - there are still some things a nice lens and SLR will give you)
  9. I should be able to make to make it this week - i'll be there from about 7
  10. vista has less sound support, but i'm sure it'll be better in 6 months or so I have installed 4 vista systems so far, and altho none of them discovered the sound card on install - i just had to do a search on the web for the correct drivers (this was mostly because i have been installing 64bit Vista, so i needed the 64bit drivers - if you can't find a vista64 specific driver yet, see if there's any xp64 drivers.
  11. John, doesn't look like that many people are going - i have a bit of work do to, so i'll not come down - sorry, catch up with it next week
  12. i am able to make this sunday if it's going? if anyone wants i can also bring one/or more of the following Chess Backgammon i've splashed out on a set of settlers of catan as i enjoyed playing it the other week I also have a game yinish http://www.gipf.com/yinsh/index.html i've not played it yet (it looks a bit like an odd/enhanced version of othello)
  13. very well said - The net is a wonderful place to chat to people and exchange ideas - but it's very hard to guage someone's feelings/deeper ideas from a few chats on a forum and a signature. from your sig and avatar i would have taken you as a very confident and self assured woman who enjoys using her sexuality as a positive influence in her life (having said that - i would as always be happy to throw that view away as i get to know someone more, and base my idea of someone on real information) I find in the net you judge people based on such little things, because you don't have face to face contact - this also means it's a lot easier to just drop them and move on to someone more intrested in what you were talking about. BTW - Congrats on the preggers thing.
  14. Handshake is still my prefered for formal meetings (a kiss on the cheek is still not quite the norm when meeting the bank manager - but hey, i'd go with it if it'll get me an extra few percentage points off) As a Scot, i like to employ many different introduction/greeting methods (or as it has been mentioned before, any excuse to get a snog) I like the european 2 kisses on the cheeks, but if it's friends i think hugs are much better - not enough people hug in my opinion! I am torn tho as the Japanese bow is an amazingly complex statement and i am facinated by it - i'm not sure it's suited to our current culture - can't see lads in the pub doing it somehow LOL
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