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  1. RIP swanny great player for the Owls and England I also have some fond memories of him being the landlord of the Travellers pub down attercliffe may he RIP
  2. On the north side of railway was a ground used by the wednesday cricket club this was pulled down for housing then a ground was built on the south side of railway where cricket and football was played in the 1900,s then this was used for the dog track in 1927
  3. Don't blame Wednesday at all let him go why should they let a young lad hold them to ransom they offered him a good contract he should have signed it done the business then go knocking on the managers door
  4. Well said hotmale I said the same about the players no pride no passion just want to pick up the wages can't blame the manager for lack of pride and passion shame on them
  5. Well the fans have got what they wanted but the names mentioned on here are no better long ball football again boring the players at the club should hold the heads in shame
  6. Still see bronco knocking about in the white rose pub at handsworth and the darnall horti club
  7. Hi Graham yes it is Taylor I am ok thanks glad to hear you are ok did u help out brunsmere for a while both my lads played for handsworth and I thought I saw u up there but did not have time for a chat
  8. Hi bladefellow thought it was you Graham how r things it is tats yes we played in the same team for a long time I was fullback and you centre half we had some good times remember them well the other fellow was Ted gambles and also Barry mason helped out he was Sam's older brother good days enjoyed them
  9. My late grandad Rueben used to go and whatch Billy fight when he was a boxer he was a big pal of Billy as was both my uncle's may he RIP
  10. RIP Hodgey gone to meet another legend RON SPRINGETT they was the days when sheffield was blessed with two great keepers
  11. RIP Ron truly a wednesday legend my boyhood hero never be better keeper used to stand on kop and when he ran over would get oranges thrown for him what a keeper England's number one God bless him
  12. Remember her well spent many a hour in her company while waiting for first 52 bus at 3 20 am
  13. Plenty of people on here calling Darnall but there is idiots everywhe're idiots just smashed smashed window on 52 bus travelling to town outside sword pub
  14. the man you are talking about is ernest pickering.
  15. Handsworth promotes put plans in to build a new football grounds
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