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  1. Me too, I get the same message as Chem1st saying that I've exceeded my maximum allowance, I haven't even posted up one yet
  2. Just as the title says, anyone been to The Big Tops in Dinnington, what is it like? Are there many things to do there and is the price ok? Looking at this for a possible birthday party venue.
  3. hi, my car is due for its mot and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations where to take it? i was going to take it to nationwide auto as they offer 33% off if you're an aa member but a colleague said that they always say you need so and so changing so you still end up paying more than necessary?
  4. Hi all. Need some help and advice. Been looking at buying a house nearby to J36 of the M1. One the west side, it's Sheffield (Tankersley) and on the other it's Barnsley (Birdwell). Anyone has any inside/local information on Birdwell or Tankersley. Or the surrounding area. Really want to be close to J36 in order to get to Leeds for work. Any information at all would be helpful, i.e. places to avoid, nice parks/schools/nursery etc. Thanks!
  5. Better to get a solicitor instructed. You never know what kind of historical information is on the strip of land. Could have issues like chancel repair etc. Better to get a solicitor to carry out the relevant searches and then proceed. You get the peace of mind and if the solicitor fouls up, you can pursue him for negligence. He would have indemnity insurance anyway so you are covered. Call around to get quotes. Cheapest way.
  6. Hi. . . need some help here please. Thinking of moving north and within easy reach of M1 and stumbled across property in Ecclesfield. Don't know much about the area and what it is like and would like some honest views on the place. Have a little one who will be in primary school in a couple of years - any views on schools as well would be helpful. There appears to be some nice 'new' developments in Ecclesfield. IF you live in one, would appreciate your views too! Thanks.
  7. Ring up for quotes from the more reputable firms. Some might match the lower ones due to competition but I would agree that it really depends on the actual person doing the job than the firm. Oh, and also depending on the other side's solicitors. Even if you get a diligent guy doing your work, there is no guarantee that the other side is going to be the same.
  8. Really glad that you think that this is a criminal matter but I am afraid to say that in my experience with the police/CPS, they tend to brush this off as a civil matter. It is really a balancing act between what is a good use of police time etc. I don't want to go into a debate about how the police should deal with their time. They are doing a very difficult job with limited resources and under a lot of pressure. Hats off to you, man.
  9. I see what you mean. However, there is both civil and criminal fraud. For a relatively small matter like this, the CPS would not prosecute, in my view. If the fraud involves millions of tax monies then that is a different matter. . . It is the system. . .
  10. Unfortunately, the police will not help and even if they do, the Crown Prosecution Service may not take the matter on because they have to determine whether it is worth prosecuting or not. Experience suggests that the police will palm this off as a civil dispute. In any event, and depending on how strong you feel about it, you can take the matter on yourself in the County Court. If it is less than £5K claim it considered 'small' claims. You can act for yourself and need not have a lawyer of any kind. Procedure is very informal . . . and more important, win or lose, the Court will not normally award costs. Check out: http://www.hmcs.gov.uk On balance, the gym will probably succeed as they have a document containing your signature. You must ask the Court to set aside the contract on the basis that you were misrepresented as to the nature of the contract i.e. a monthly contract rather than a 12 month contract paid monthly. In this case, it is your word against the manager. I doubt the manager would say that he had misrepresented the contract. I would suggest that you try to come to some resolution by negotiation. Cheaper and less stress. Anyway, hope that helps.
  11. thanks jomarch & phylis for the suggestions, will take a look at these places
  12. hi. strictly speaking this should be in a barnsley forum but can't find one. anyway, do you guys know of the nicer areas in barnsley to live in with some good links to m1 and/or a1 and have some good primary schools? thanks.
  13. what's the name of the shop, do you know if they have a website?
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