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    'Let To Live' agency - any good?

    Ouch! Thank you. I'm glad I checked this out. Sheffield Forum rocks
  2. MuddyFox

    'Let To Live' agency - any good?

    Yeah, reading back I just think 'nah, why did I even ask this?' @Vantastic: "Issues"? Doesn't sound good - care to elaborate? PM me if you don't want to dish dirt in public. I'd be very interested, and not just for voyeuristic reasons.
  3. Been trying to contact Let To Live about a property we *may* be interested in, but not getting any response. Don't answer the phone, don't reply to emails, and when my partner went in to the actual office (in Hillsborough), it looked like they hadn't even moved in yet (although the door was open, and a radio was playing somewhere). Now this isn't exactly filling me with confidence - I'd like a landlord who's a bit more on the ball, frankly. Does anyone know owt about this agency? Are they any good? Reliable? Cowboys? Should we keep trying or steer well clear? Thanks y'all
  4. No really, this is a crossing problem. I pass this every day, and have seen too many near misses. The green man comes on too soon after the traffic light goes red - as the crossing is so far from the lights, vehicles can go through when people are just starting to cross. Buses are the worst offenders, tbh. Yes, people need to drive more carefully, and yes, pedestrians need to double check before they cross, but we all know in reality this isn't always the case. Hope the person's OK. Glad to hear they prob are, cos I always get spooked when an ambulance is in no hurry to leave the scene :/
  5. MuddyFox

    Who likes burritos?

    Good for you, this sounds like a brilliant idea! My niece has just come to live with us for a year - she's from New Mexico and brought a whole suitcase of Mexican foodstuffs with her, including two packs of horchata. My gods it's delicious! Please serve horchata. Please serve everything, especially stuff English people haven't heard of! We're city folk, we can handle it Really really best of luck to you - I know my niece will take all her teenage friends there when you open
  6. Absolutely. So very glad they're home and safe, but lordy will they be in trouble once Mum's relief has calmed down! BOYS, tch.
  7. OK, will check back here about 11ish - although I hope they're found before then
  8. Taxi calling is great idea, but surely the police will have done this already? Make sure if we do search it's coordinated with what the police are already doing, otherwsie we risk being a bit Keystone Cops!
  9. I'm in Middlewood. No transport, but willing to go out as part of group to wander round. Has anyone tried Beeley Woods? The river from Middlewood Park to Owlerton? That always struck me as a cool place to hide as a kid. Hope they're found soon, if it were my kids I'd be a complete wreck by now. But can also remember clearly how you just don't hink about stuff like that when you're younger - I gave my mum grey hairs on several occasions just wandering off to explore
  10. Good article here if anyone's interested http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2009/aug/16/school-uniforms-sports-kit-instruments
  11. Thanks for all the helpful advice people! (Not quite sure why others choose to spend time posting non-advice and just standing in judgement, but each to their own) I agree about the 'uniform-bank' idea - there is a website somewhere set up for just this, but last time I checked (about a year ago, I confess) it was still pretty small, and I can't even remember the name of it. A kind of forum a bit like Freecycle, in format. My niece is starting halfway through school, and only for one year (she's on an exchange), so whatever uniform I get I will be passing back to someone else when she leaves. I agree entirely with the principle of school uniform, but it still hurts when you suddenly get a whacking great bill for all this stuff. Especially when you know, as someone here said, that kids are always growing out of stuff and there must be so much second-hand uniform knocking around But thanks for clearing up exactly what she needs - my own kids are still in primary school, where you *can* buy a logo'd polo shirt, but most kids wear a plain shirt and just a logo'd jumper - hence I wasn't sure.
  12. Hi. My niece has just moved to live with us and has a place at Wisewood school. I've got the uniform list, but do I really have to buy everything on it?! In particular, do kids have to wear logoed polo shirts and a logoed jumper, or can they get away with plain polo shirts and a logoed jumper? What kind of thing do most kids wear? Stuff like that. Sorry to sound a bit pathetic, but a) I'm on a tight budget and b) don't want my niece to stick out like a sore thumb - she's already really nervous about starting a new school!
  13. I'm confused! When is a shopper not a real shopper?
  14. Now *that's* a good idea! I think the river is such a great feature, but yet, it's not a feature. It's hidden behind tall walls for people to throw their rubbish in. A riverside garden would be lovely. Who owns that plot?
  15. Can I just say here that I love Hillsborough! I like getting my veg from the veg shop, meat from the butcher, and so on - call me old fashioned - and anyway, fresh produce is way cheaper than at the supermarkets (and better). In an age where everyone's bemoaning the closure of small shops, I feel proud to live somewhere I choose between no less than three butchers. Hillsborough has a helluva lot going for it, from cheap tat shops (I love Home Bargains as much as the next person!) to craft shops, kids' clothes, sticky bun shops, fresh veg, pet food, fabrics and sewing supplies, flowers, electricals, frozen food, you name it. And now SOME people are putting a bit of effort in to cheering the place up a bit, with planters and so forth, it's even better. I shop in Hillsborough all the time, and I don't think it's a ghost town. OK so I've only lived here about eight years, so cannot compare with its 'heyday', but it's always busy enough when I go in. If you want constructive criticism, then I'd say Hillsborough would benefit from more seating - there's loads of sandwich shops, but nowhere to sit and eat your lunch once you've got it (unless you want to perch outside the Co-op and be clouded in diesel fumes). Any chance of some benches? How about on Hillsborough bridge, it might stop people sitting on those nice new planters. Someone mentioned about student shops, like a bookshop, and an internet cafe - hear hear! The new Java Lounge has free wifi, and a bookshop would be great! I'm guessing Hillsborough Forum has no control over what shops go in, but hoorah for them for doing what they can to make Hillsborough a more attractive place for potential investors. Frankly, I never want to move anywhere else. Hillsborough's great. So let's stop knocking it and start promoting it.

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