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  1. So in order to encourage people to walk and cycle more they have chosen the hilliest and least suitable (especially in winter) part of Sheffield to do so ? The same people who wanted to make Sheffield greener by chopping the trees down ? Lord help us all.
  2. They are not rats, merely motorists who pay large amounts of money for the doubtful privilege of using the roads. I do not understand the logic of what you are saying - roads are made inaccessible, therefore motorists must use accessible roads, increasing the volume of traffic on them. I keep hearing about "traffic problems" in Crookes - apart from stupid and dangerous parking, which this scheme does not address and in any case disappears with the students, there are none. I don't think you actually live in Crookes.
  3. If Springvale is being made one way, then traffic will use Bradley Street ? School Road ? Mainly School Road which is set to become very busy. Some roads become quieter, others must become busier, where is the traffic to go ? - the fifth dimension. Roads are for the swift and efficient movement of goods and people, shifting the problem to other areas is not a solution. Remember, election time in May, this is your opportunity to express your views.
  4. Yes, parking on the pavement is a nuisance and sometimes dangerous, but it is already an offence with which the police (not the council) can deal with, the problems is they don't bother. We don't need a traffic scheme or anything else, just enforcement. The other hindrance and danger to the disable/ pushchairs/etc is the plethora of tables chairs and other junk, mainly from cafes, that litter the pavement, an accident waiting to happen. why is it allowed.
  5. "People perceive, people think, many people claim, decision makers nationally and locally" I wish I was gifted with your God-like powers to divine all this. People like your self with this mindset are the problem, too obsessed with their own self importance to know the difference between democracy and autocracy. Councils are elected to observe the will of the majority electorate, not to steer us, fit us into agendas or get us out of our cars. How about you give us a demonstration of wonderous benefits of these "agendas" by say, cycling up the length of Springvale Road in the teeth of a howling winter gale.
  6. Crookes is both a road and a suburb. 52, goes via Malin Bridge or to town. 95, is a Walkley route 10, is so infrequent as to be out of consideration - as I said no buses go up or down any of the hills except to town or Malin Bridge - if I'm wrong show me where. Do you actually live in Crookes ?? In the many years that I have lived here it has always been alive and thriving, it's the students that have created the problems. If there were not so many houses in multiple occupation, then there would be many more families and Crookes would thrive even more - most students live here for little more than six months of the year. What you are saying is nonsense. So, the "incomers" have provided the wealth that has enabled Crookes to evolve, never realised that, the evidence is where ? Certainly some businesses have opened to cater for a student population, if the population were rebalanced other ones would by created to cater for this. - that's the way it works. Statistically, internet usage among the elderly is much less than among the younger generation, it's a well proven fact, why are you denying this ? As for being silent, they date back to a time when Councils could be trusted and probably have a touching faith in them.
  7. That is completely untrue. They were asked to visit the internet site and share their views. 12% replied, are you suggesting that this 12% is some kind of majority support ? Why not a simple yes/no question in a returnable envelope or just knock on the door and ask? Crookes has a large elderly (and not internet savvy) population they are underrepresented. Also, how many students - who are short/part time residents were involved. The whole thing was fake. I have to say that the only people who seem to be taking an interest and have actually knocked on my door are the Lib Dems, distinct lack of interest from the other parties.
  8. Crookes is probably the hilliest suburb in Sheffield, it also has virtually no transport links up and down the hills - you have to go via Malin Bridge or town. Additionally, it supports a large elderly (and largely silent/non internet savvy) population. Where then is the logic in choosing this area to implement this scheme, allegedly to encourage cycling and walking ??? Could it be that they realised that when conducting the fake survey, they would achieve their desired aim because the large part-time student population, coupled with the small, but vociferous minority of "incomers" (who think they live in a village) would be a natural fit for the support of it ? What of the residents of what will affectively become the ring roads - School Road, Crookesmoor Road, ect. They will have to cope with much additional traffic and increased pollution levels. What steps are being taken to prevent this ? What measures have been put in place to clear pavements and roads in winter to allow for the increase in walkers and cyclists ? Are extra defibrillators to be positioned on strategic hilltops ?
  9. So you know and understand the problems ? Perhaps you would like to tell me, a long time resident, what the "problems" are and how this insane scheme will solve anything. Apart from idiotic and dangerous parking, a problem which mainly occurs during term time, I don't see any problems.
  10. It's not a fine, private companies do not have the power is issue fines. You are allegedly in breach of contract so they have sent you an invoice. Don't give these people an importance they do not deserve. There is new legislation on the books that will hopefully curb these muggers.
  11. Stanley's on Northfield Road Crookes, used to sell them as well. I seem to remember they were a two stroke engine.
  12. It's the dim and distant past to me as well ! but here goes - coming down the stairs you entered a cellar decorated as Hell, further to the left was another cellar with brighter lighting, done out as Heaven. I think they copied this from the 2ii's coffe bar in London (been in there a few times) A few years later, they opened a third cellar to the right, quite plainly decorated and with a pintable (maybe more than one) You are quite right about the new room selling hot dogs etc. and very tasty they were as I recall, there was a doorway to the Cambridge Arcade. Don't know if it stayed open until the Mambo closed as by then I had drifted away from the scene and my memory is a bit patchy. Regards.
  13. Remember, the Mambo was not far from the Empire stage door. The only act I ever saw was when the Most Brothers were appearing there and Micky Most came down with his guitar and sang a few songs. (in the third room) He didn't get paid, said he just wanted to encourage people to play and sing - I thought this was a great gesture.
  14. The idea that the Windrush generation answered the call to power Britains economic recovery is simply untrue. Yes, there was a shortage of manpower in the 60's, wage levels began to rise and at last people began to earn a decent wage - own a car or a house. Having lived through this time, I have always understood that immigration was used to control wage levels - remember Boris's speech last week in which he said he did not intend use this mechanism to control wages at this time ? I do not believe many of the other statements made in this article - gangs of Teddy boys, being kicked all over the road, daren't go out to buy a loaf, places you can't go for a drink without being abused, still places you can't get served - what rubbish. All part of the anti-British propaganda campaign now being waged.
  15. I think you are all being wound-up. Just an excuse for the trans lobby to start an arguement. Ask yourself why such an infinitesmal section of the populace is allowed to dictate the type of toilets , changing rooms, pronouns we use- it makes no sense. A democracy is ruled by majority opinion, not a tiny minority of internet terrorists.
  16. There is so much hate crime I think we need a special body to enforce theses laws, after all we cannot have people thinking non approved thoughts - maybe they should have a distinct uniform - black, with a peaked cap and jackboots would look good.
  17. So a motorist has to keep a distance of 1.5, metres from a cyclist whilst overtaking. ? Therefore, a cyclist must keep 1.5, metres from a motorist when overtaking ? No doubt the police will be chasing all the riders who overtake on the left a few inches away from cars ? - thought not.
  18. To power the generator required for the fridge, freezer and Carpigiani machine the first Whippy vans used a Ford Anglia engine running on TVR. Even with modern technology, I don't see battery power being practical.
  19. The name was Adam, not Abdul -Tall, easy-going guy with glasses. Last saw him about 15, years ago. The place was run in a fairly chaotic way which I suppose was part of the appeal.
  20. It was built for STD, the old tram terminus was just there. It dates from a time when people had bladders.
  21. Sounds typical of the RSPCA, to me. A few years ago they wasted more than £300,000, on a failed prosecution - money that should have gone toward the welfare of animals. Like to dress-up in police style uniforms and behave in an authoritan way. They are a registered charity, may be a complaint to the commisioners would help.
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