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  1. The site has recently been sold at auction, the new owner has decided to fence it off. There seems to be no planning permission for building. Whatever happens, I can't see it will be for the benefit of the local people.
  2. Walkley House was once a good surgery, but all the decent doctors have now gone. The remaining ones are very mediocre and seem more concerned with their own self importance than patient care. I speak as a long time user, I have suffered some very poor treatment there. The Crookes Practice, did not have a good reputation, but seems to be improving and may be worth a try. Your best bet would be to try Broomhill or Upperthorpe for a surgery.
  3. There has been a huge reduction in crime during the current lockdown, especially vehicle crime. Perhaps this is the answer; keep every one confined to the house - enforce this with cameras and police with powers to do as they think fit, hey ho problem solved. Just wondering what the thousands of members of the armed forces who died in WWll, fighting to protect the freedom and dignity of the British people would think of our surveillance society and those with a North Korean mindset who extol it.
  4. Absolutely agree, in fact I would go further. Cameras in every household to combat domestic abuse and to check that we are not voicing non government approved ideas and perhaps electrodes attached to the head to ensure that we are not harbouring racist thoughts etc.. Maybe even a camera inserted into the fundament so that the Council can check what we have been eating. It's the way to ensure a safe and free environment so we can all rest in peace.
  5. Ex City Grammer School lad from Darnall, would be 78, give or take a year either side.
  6. Can't see bumbling Boris doing anything. The more I see of him, the less confident I am of his handling of the situation.
  7. Yes, I know and understand that, the questions I am posing are - is it time to replace this system with a one tier service with access based on need not wealth and is it right that the private sector makes large profit from us , the taxpayers.
  8. Is it time to take control of all private medical facilities so that resources are allocated in a fair way, not on the basis of wealth ? With the NHS, allegedly set to pay the private sector thousands of pounds a day for beds, is it right that they should profit in this way from a national emergency ?
  9. Whilst some of you extremists out there are busy promoting your North Korean style authoritarian state and advocating death by crushing for very minor infringements of the law, you are failing to highlight the con trick the government works on us - everytime a car changes hands it gets an extra months tax; eg I sold my car a couple of day's ago, I will not get a refund for this month and the new owner will have to tax the vehicle from the first of the month - hence an extra months revenue. Nice little earner eh !
  10. It was total chaos. Some very angry drivers and some choosing to ignore the various obstructions (which changed every few days) and make their own way through.
  11. Yes, that's the one. At lot of the people concerned were staying at Matlock, I remember going out to visit a couple of times.
  12. Are Dransfield's stil in operation> There is another LR, specialist listed in Deepcar - Elite landrover any feedback on them.
  13. It was not the Council, nor I think the University. I was a government organisation - can't remember it's name, but a friend of mine (Civil Servant) came up from London to work on the project.
  14. That's what happens when you send a thin hulled ship, armed with only a 4, inch gun and a completely outdated AA, misssile system, with no close range armament and no AWACS, cover. It does not help if the ship also using a satellite link which interferes with the already limited radar cover. The polticians who starved the Navy of funds and put these brave lads in this position should hang their heads in shame.
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