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  1. It's the dim and distant past to me as well ! but here goes - coming down the stairs you entered a cellar decorated as Hell, further to the left was another cellar with brighter lighting, done out as Heaven. I think they copied this from the 2ii's coffe bar in London (been in there a few times) A few years later, they opened a third cellar to the right, quite plainly decorated and with a pintable (maybe more than one) You are quite right about the new room selling hot dogs etc. and very tasty they were as I recall, there was a doorway to the Cambridge Arcade. Don't know if it stayed open until the Mambo closed as by then I had drifted away from the scene and my memory is a bit patchy. Regards.
  2. Remember, the Mambo was not far from the Empire stage door. The only act I ever saw was when the Most Brothers were appearing there and Micky Most came down with his guitar and sang a few songs. (in the third room) He didn't get paid, said he just wanted to encourage people to play and sing - I thought this was a great gesture.
  3. The idea that the Windrush generation answered the call to power Britains economic recovery is simply untrue. Yes, there was a shortage of manpower in the 60's, wage levels began to rise and at last people began to earn a decent wage - own a car or a house. Having lived through this time, I have always understood that immigration was used to control wage levels - remember Boris's speech last week in which he said he did not intend use this mechanism to control wages at this time ? I do not believe many of the other statements made in this article - gangs of Teddy boys, being kicked all over the road, daren't go out to buy a loaf, places you can't go for a drink without being abused, still places you can't get served - what rubbish. All part of the anti-British propaganda campaign now being waged.
  4. I think you are all being wound-up. Just an excuse for the trans lobby to start an arguement. Ask yourself why such an infinitesmal section of the populace is allowed to dictate the type of toilets , changing rooms, pronouns we use- it makes no sense. A democracy is ruled by majority opinion, not a tiny minority of internet terrorists.
  5. There is so much hate crime I think we need a special body to enforce theses laws, after all we cannot have people thinking non approved thoughts - maybe they should have a distinct uniform - black, with a peaked cap and jackboots would look good.
  6. So a motorist has to keep a distance of 1.5, metres from a cyclist whilst overtaking. ? Therefore, a cyclist must keep 1.5, metres from a motorist when overtaking ? No doubt the police will be chasing all the riders who overtake on the left a few inches away from cars ? - thought not.
  7. To power the generator required for the fridge, freezer and Carpigiani machine the first Whippy vans used a Ford Anglia engine running on TVR. Even with modern technology, I don't see battery power being practical.
  8. The name was Adam, not Abdul -Tall, easy-going guy with glasses. Last saw him about 15, years ago. The place was run in a fairly chaotic way which I suppose was part of the appeal.
  9. It was built for STD, the old tram terminus was just there. It dates from a time when people had bladders.
  10. Sounds typical of the RSPCA, to me. A few years ago they wasted more than £300,000, on a failed prosecution - money that should have gone toward the welfare of animals. Like to dress-up in police style uniforms and behave in an authoritan way. They are a registered charity, may be a complaint to the commisioners would help.
  11. The fairest way to procede, would be to show clearly on the website the cost of ordering via Just-Eat ect. That way people can make an informed choice and decide for themselves wether or not they want pay the extra for the convenience. At the moment it seems hard to avoid these apps, they often come-up before the actual business and the costs are therefore hidden.
  12. Is that any relation to the Pullens who lived on Cobdenview Road, they were Showmen.
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