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  1. It was built for STD, the old tram terminus was just there. It dates from a time when people had bladders.
  2. Sounds typical of the RSPCA, to me. A few years ago they wasted more than £300,000, on a failed prosecution - money that should have gone toward the welfare of animals. Like to dress-up in police style uniforms and behave in an authoritan way. They are a registered charity, may be a complaint to the commisioners would help.
  3. The fairest way to procede, would be to show clearly on the website the cost of ordering via Just-Eat ect. That way people can make an informed choice and decide for themselves wether or not they want pay the extra for the convenience. At the moment it seems hard to avoid these apps, they often come-up before the actual business and the costs are therefore hidden.
  4. Is that any relation to the Pullens who lived on Cobdenview Road, they were Showmen.
  5. Wrong. It's 30% if they handle delivery, 14% if the takeaway provide delivery + 50p., for each order. Quite a slice.
  6. I believe at one time there were swingboats on the site or nearby, maybe that's where he got the name "swingley"
  7. This was just past the Norfolk Arms. The house (a newish one) was just out of sight over the embankment. The cafe was on part of the land attached to it and rented out by the owner. Another house has now been built on it.
  8. By all means look on Just Eat, but order direct from the take-away if possible, you will save 25%
  9. It was a double fronted shop near the Post Office. Nice quality goods, spent a fortune in there.
  10. They were on Broomhill in the 70/80's. High end shop with prices to match.
  11. Thorntons has, for some time, been owned by Ferrero Rocher, a large international company. I don't think the concept of small shops fits in with the way the company operates. I'm guessing that covid has provided the excuse they were looking for to close them down.
  12. Wasn't aware we had that many police cars.
  13. The crane is not a good idea, some daft person might mistake it for a hotel !!!
  14. Well, it's a valid point, why do you have to be naked to enjoy a swim ? Aside from that do you want naked people swimming around in your drinking water ?
  15. The Bolehills, at the Crookes end onward, was originally used as a tip partly,for night soil, which was mixed with ash and clinker. The contours have been softened with age, but 50, years ago it was obvious it had been tipped and there were patches of clinker, especially near the cottages. All the playing fields area was a huge quarry which was filled by the cleansing dept. using domestic waste. The childrens playground was opened around 1950/51. Really, the survival of the Bolehills has been a matter of luck; during the late Victorian housing boom and into the thirties, when much of present day Crookes was built, part of the land was a quarry and the other had been tipped and was unusable for house building. Now that every nook and cranny has been infilled, I'm sure developers would love to get their hands on parts of it. but even our Coucil dare not allow it
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