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  1. It was total chaos. Some very angry drivers and some choosing to ignore the various obstructions (which changed every few days) and make their own way through.
  2. Yes, that's the one. At lot of the people concerned were staying at Matlock, I remember going out to visit a couple of times.
  3. Are Dransfield's stil in operation> There is another LR, specialist listed in Deepcar - Elite landrover any feedback on them.
  4. It was not the Council, nor I think the University. I was a government organisation - can't remember it's name, but a friend of mine (Civil Servant) came up from London to work on the project.
  5. That's what happens when you send a thin hulled ship, armed with only a 4, inch gun and a completely outdated AA, misssile system, with no close range armament and no AWACS, cover. It does not help if the ship also using a satellite link which interferes with the already limited radar cover. The polticians who starved the Navy of funds and put these brave lads in this position should hang their heads in shame.
  6. I have just driven past the one on School Road. It has now been fully restored and is giving out a lovely authentic warm glow in contrast to the horrible blue/white street lights. The restorers have done a great job, heartfelt congratulations to them.
  7. Can't understand why people think it's ok for an employee of a private company to go around issuing penalties to people without the benefit of a hearing. Especially when is often the case they recieve a financial reward for doing this - there should be no place for a paid witness in a fair justice system.
  8. Can anyone tell me where I can obtain an ipod shuffle lead at a reasonable price - the USB, to jack plug one. Plenty of the other sorts around, but can't find one of these. Easy to get one from Ebay, but I wanted one quickly. Thanks
  9. This sport was very, very popular in the fifties, sixties and seventies. You would often come across groups of them always dressed in white tops and shorts, waddling along at great speed. Seems to have completely disappeared now. Sheffield United Harriers, I think was the largest club.
  10. Interesting that the commentator, told us that the last Sheffield was sunk off the Falklands by a torpedo - always thought it was an exocet.
  11. Court action is not as simple as it has been made-out to be on here. Is it a registered company or person or persons "trading as" The summons has to go to the right person and even if (as is more than likely) it is undefended, therefore judgement will be in your favour, the money still has to be recovered. "I'm self employed, I just work here, it's my brothers/uncles company". These people seem as though they know their way around the system, be careful you do not end-up pouring good money after bad - court fees, Bailiff fees etc. are expensive.
  12. An on the spot fine for not providing proper facilities for the disposal of waste seems to me an excellent idea.
  13. Well, maybe if the bins are full or absent and waste has to be left in the street, then this would be an excuse for one of the scab companies that the Council use, to impose "on the spot fines". Nice little earner?
  14. BGIRA, had quite a short life, it was built around 1970, the site was chosen because University glass technology dept. was next door.
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