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  1. The Bolehills, at the Crookes end onward, was originally used as a tip partly,for night soil, which was mixed with ash and clinker. The contours have been softened with age, but 50, years ago it was obvious it had been tipped and there were patches of clinker, especially near the cottages. All the playing fields area was a huge quarry which was filled by the cleansing dept. using domestic waste. The childrens playground was opened around 1950/51. Really, the survival of the Bolehills has been a matter of luck; during the late Victorian housing boom and into the thirties, when much of present day Crookes was built, part of the land was a quarry and the other had been tipped and was unusable for house building. Now that every nook and cranny has been infilled, I'm sure developers would love to get their hands on parts of it. but even our Coucil dare not allow it
  2. Because like O'Reilly they are cheap.
  3. The problem with Sheffield Forum is that it seems to be dominated by a small clique of opinionated and in some cases rude and agressive people. These people seem to have amassed a large number of posts and I think try to dominate discussion. This is the reason I rarely visit now. Why not limit the number of posts individuals can make or introduce a word count, maybe a monthly allowance, I'm sure you could work something out to make the forum a more pleasant place.
  4. The Chinese will be very happy - a lot of their stock is made there, branded John Lewis and sold at inflated prices. I thought they had announced that the "never knowingly undersold" had been dropped
  5. Yes, can still smell the cat pee. It was just a house really, about a third of the way up Duncan Road, don't think it had a large shop window. It was definitely open up to around 1950, but had gone by the mid 50's I recall she sold a lot of eggs, sourced locally and as with other corner shops a bit of everything from light bulbs to tinned beans. I would think that like many similar shops, it survived in the end, on "ration books" and when this ended closed.
  6. Joystick. There was a line in the centre where they could be cut in half if you only had 1d.
  7. All the old terraces (King James, Burnaby, Creswick etc.) in lower Walkley, were cleared in the late 60's. All Freedom Road was due to come down in 72/3, but the the Walkley Action Group, managed to stop further demolition (by 73) and instead the houses were given home improvement grants to bring them up to a modern standard. This may explain the missing houses.
  8. The ones that are not sniffer dogs et., are trained to attack are they not ? Or are they trained to lick people into submission ? At least 150, innocent citizens have been attacked (according to the BBC) over the last three years. Do a little reseach, have a look at the horrific wounds these creatures can inflict. If you think that is acceptable in a modern society, then fair enoug h- I don't. As for Taser's, are you aware that (according to Amnesty) 18, people in the UK, have died after a Taser was discharged at them ? Many more have been injured. If you believe that applying 50,000, volts to a person is just a little tickle, think on - they are potentially deadly weapons.
  9. So what you are saying is; the penalty for failing to stop for a police officer is either to be savaged by a vicious dog or electrocuted ? Be careful what you wish for, in my experience people are all for extreme punishments until it happens to them or theirs. It is the job of the courts to impose punishment, not the police. My firm advice is - stop reading the Daily Mail.
  10. I think you need to read-up on the statistics re: the number of of people injured, some of them quite severely others permanantly disfigured, because these animals get out of control. They can and have caused horrific injuries to totally innocent people and also to people who have been convicted of nothing. but have tried to evade the police. In the light of current events perhaps it is time to consider whether the police should be setting savage animals on citizens for any reason at all. As for "compensatory avenues" ask the injured parties whether anything compensates for the pain and trauma.
  11. Briefly, it was built by one Leng, the Canadian propriator of the "Telegraph" and "Star". Part of the New Model Dairy estate. The dairy was behind the houses to the left of the Plough, still there in the 60's and in use by Northern Dairies as a depot. Most of this has now been built over. The lodge, which is the part you see from the road, had it's outside area reduced in the 60's to make the corner safer. Yes, it was used as a place for mentally sub-normal, unbelievable as it may sound I remember seeing them on the bus with a label on them in case they got lost whilst out.
  12. The site has recently been sold at auction, the new owner has decided to fence it off. There seems to be no planning permission for building. Whatever happens, I can't see it will be for the benefit of the local people.
  13. Walkley House was once a good surgery, but all the decent doctors have now gone. The remaining ones are very mediocre and seem more concerned with their own self importance than patient care. I speak as a long time user, I have suffered some very poor treatment there. The Crookes Practice, did not have a good reputation, but seems to be improving and may be worth a try. Your best bet would be to try Broomhill or Upperthorpe for a surgery.
  14. There has been a huge reduction in crime during the current lockdown, especially vehicle crime. Perhaps this is the answer; keep every one confined to the house - enforce this with cameras and police with powers to do as they think fit, hey ho problem solved. Just wondering what the thousands of members of the armed forces who died in WWll, fighting to protect the freedom and dignity of the British people would think of our surveillance society and those with a North Korean mindset who extol it.
  15. Absolutely agree, in fact I would go further. Cameras in every household to combat domestic abuse and to check that we are not voicing non government approved ideas and perhaps electrodes attached to the head to ensure that we are not harbouring racist thoughts etc.. Maybe even a camera inserted into the fundament so that the Council can check what we have been eating. It's the way to ensure a safe and free environment so we can all rest in peace.
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