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  1. No Probs ---------- Post added 05-09-2015 at 20:09 ---------- Hi psyko, Sorry to keep bugging you...but, do you still have any of your newspapers from last Saturday??
  2. Thanks for your reply but looking for one's dated 29th August which is last Saturday :/
  3. We forgot to buy a newspaper for the date our baby was born....just wondering if anyone has one that I could collect?
  4. ooooh feeling pretty smug right now as my appeal was upheld......hee hee, one nil to meeeeee thanks for all of the advice on here guys
  5. ok so ive got a ticket from parking eye for the hilsborough car park. i have up until close of play today to pay the £50. what do you suggest i do guys???
  6. hey, which pure gym you going to and what days / times???
  7. over half a ton of building sand and two thirds of a ton of lime stone aggregate. free for collection. could be re-bagged for easier transportation. inbox me if interested or email@markmekky@yahoo.co.uk
  8. try malcolm c foye & co, they are really cheap & offer a fantastic service - they're based in rotherham. one of the coveyancers is called georgina & she is really good - highly reccommended
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