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  1. stop or i will strike? pre-emptive striking is the way to go for self-defence - learns omething that teaches you to strike with power (thai boxing would be good) - learn about the law relating to pre-emptive strikes, and then maybe learn some grappling techniques. muay thai, kickboxing, bjj, judo - all good for fitness too. yelling 'stop or i'll strike' just gives your potential attacker a further advantage - more time, and you don't have time to waste.
  2. and again, which form of intelligence do these studies pertain to?
  3. more than one form of 'intelligence' has been identified and recognised, so it would depend which specific form you're referring to...
  4. i'm pretty sure that i've read a very similar thread to this before - try searching the forum and i think this has already been discussed and there are plenty of opinions etc
  5. settle what? the op's question was too vague to generate a reasonable answer, so what is there to settle? has this thread turned into karate kid now?
  6. thatcher, major, blair...not stupid? haha! hahahaha!
  7. gandhi bruce lee che guevara grace kelly dalai lama
  8. the thing about shilpa is that we're left wondering what's going on in her mind - you could be right, you could be wrong - but with the some of the other's they've been quite transparent, and not in a nice way...i also think it's much more difficult to 'read' someone from a different culture, one that we aren't familiar...things such as language (even a shared one), body language, manners etc. are all culturally specific... from cleo and ian it would ahve to be Ian - he's the only person who went into the house and i didin't like, but i actually think he's ok
  9. shilpa? ann, i'm shocked! i'd go for either - danielle - two faced sheep who joined the bully and has a FOUL, FOUL mouth!; Jo - really gone down in my estimation with the whole Shilpa thing, and now trying to bait Dirk - apparently Jo was bullied at school - i wonder if the bullies thought it was fun to see how far the could push her...; Cleo - sat on the fence during the Shilpa/Jade row, which to me is siding with Jade, and winding Dirk up when it was clear to all that it was time to stop... i must admit i'm a little worried for Jo - i think if she gets a bad reception she'll really struggle with it given her nervousness, panic attackes etc.
  10. your argument seems to be that because she's the same colour as someone, or because she's from the same country, they somehow 'belong'. jade is the same colour as me, she's from the same country, and i appreciate that it may then reflect badly on me as white british, because people will class her together with me on that basis, but that is their problem, they're making the same racial and cultural assumptions that do others. just because they want to class us together, it doesn't mean i have to. i have more in common with an asian person who shares my values than a white person who doesn't, so how is the white person 'mine' and the asian person not??? class racist??? you seem to think that skin colour and place of birth are what unites us - i'm saying that it's values that unites me with another - i don't view myself as english, even if technically speaking i am - it's not how i identify myself - i'm a citizen of the world, a european, and from the socialist republic of south yorkshire - this is my identity. by suggesting that it's skin colour and palce of birth which make someone 'ours', rather than anything else, i don't see how your posts are not bigotted...
  11. yes, it will reflect badly, but she's not from my socio-economic class, my county, my city...so i ain't taking ownership cos she ain't mine no more than shilpa is (she and i are from the same planet)
  12. lilya, karen and the other brunette on come dancing! and shilpa shetty now! wooohooo!
  13. i get much of what you're saying, i just don't see how jade is 'ours'...
  14. our child???? our child???? personally i'd prefer to think i have more of a link with someone who is decent, intelligent and reasonable, than someone who isn't but was born in the same country as me...jade goody doesn't represent me, or anything i stand for, mistakes or not...
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