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  1. hey mate yeah that will be fine, although my mobile number has changed so you will need to PM me anyway take care and good luck fo rthe season ahead Ricky
  2. haha fine by me it was on your way home from work thing anyway
  3. whats the rating for aunt sally's food, popped in for a drink before and the staff are frienly, but may go after work this eve
  4. a friend at work was telling me about a excellent resturant that used to be on the corner of psalters lane and sharrow lane, was called Hotel st george, but its since changed and i want to check it out. Does ayone know what its called? :help:
  5. can you purchase monthly or weekly passes from the internet (dont mind wther there for bus tram or all 3)
  6. how much is the fare on the 83 from town to norwood is it still 90p
  7. hi there going over from sheffield to manchester for a good few nights out and wanting to book into a hotel, but there's 3 of us and just wanting 1 room. anybody know anywhere close to the city or in the city that does this thanks
  8. the plug has just posted an advert sayig there looking for dj, however it is indie. check the jobs section on SF
  9. the etap hotel nexto sheffield arena says it guarentees a room for £32 per night wk day or weekend
  10. im with you silverknight. make your choice travel on pessant charriot or pessant wagon (dont judge me on spelling pwease!)
  11. i dont share the fair optomisim although at least there'll be one away game ill be attending..at the keepmoat! Im still worried what the season ticket prices will be. can only assume they'll still be over 350
  12. hiya been wantin to do this course for a long time but the link says error money isnt a worry let me know
  13. your joke is greatly funny..even though im sorry to admit, im a leeds fan!
  14. Hi there if you require football referee's please get in touch a sim a qualified level 6 referee
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