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  1. Only today I have tried and failed to buy a half price rail fare at an unmanned station at Darton from the machine as there is not a section for South Yorks Senior travel cards when I queried this they say buy a ticket from the conductor but a great deal of the time the conductor does not collect fares at all then there is at times ticket inspectors checking tickets as you get off at Meadowhall for instance.
  2. Well said Pete they always do a sterling job every year.
  3. I agree but they seem to have disappeared into thin air.
  4. They have been doing this for years at least back to the early nineties must be in the genes.
  5. I shall continue to go to the Nottingham store far less hassle, but for folk without a car etc its not an option.
  6. I have heard it said before that he is a 'Journeyman' manager tends to move on after a while,just my view.
  7. I hope he comes back the program hasn't got the spark he gives the show just my view.
  8. I miss not having our Toby on in the morning I listen to LBC instead not keen on the stand ins.
  9. Someone from the PC brigade will soon be along to berate you for your post.
  10. It wont make a blind bit of difference how many demonstration they have Trump will continue with his policy the the people of the USA voted for.
  11. I myself think these smart motorways are a safety hazard despite all the sugary comments from the authorities for if the engine cut out for example there is nowhere to go really with the bad behaviour of some but certainly not all LGV drivers driving too close to the vehicle in front just look at the accidents on the M1 in South Yorkshire in recent times,just my view.
  12. I agree I have been on the Forum since around 2004 ish its definitely no where near as busy as it once was I used to be quite active once but not so now I dont really know what the answer is.
  13. You will be playing with fire literally,playing around with the occult is a very dangerous game.
  14. Dont worry about courgettes Toby is on the case with Council Tax dodgers more power to his elbow I say.
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