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  1. Looked like tizer down by Broadfield Road, anyone else noticed?:
  2. Just a quick heads up about a guy knocking on doors in the Heeley and Meersbrook area. Presents himself as a Mancunian living in Gleadless, says he's just out of prison and can't get a job so he's selling cleaning products door to door. Nothing about him remotely trustworthy, keep an eye out. Average height and build, cropped dark hair, Manchester accent, green jacket and black holdall. All the hallmarks of a scam/distraction burglar or even scouting likely properties for a burglary spree. Something very similar happened in the area about a year ago.
  3. Just a heads up about a guy attempting to pass fake notes on Abbeydale Road, near the junction with Carter Knowle Road this week. He's in his mid 20s, stocky, average height, fair hair with a left sided parting and his accent sounds eastern European. Making small purchases with fake £20 notes to get legit change. I guess he'll have moved on now but just in case you run a business down there or know someone who does, keep a look out.
  4. Been following this development for a few weeks now, glad it's getting some publicity. I hope an investor comes forward as Sheffield is in dire need of new developments. This, along with the major works taking place in town, West Bar and by Bramall Lane over the next five or so years should act as a catalyst, bringing in much needed investment, infrastructure improvements and jobs for local people.
  5. I'm impressed with how the widening of Chesterfield Road has progressed. It's major works to shore up the railway embankment, Lidl car park and the surgery car park. They've kept the main road open the whole time, no mean feat. I fully expect them to resurface the main road, pavements and side roads after the works have finished. It'd make zero sense to do anything before all the heavy machinery has left.
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