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  1. I didn't think the ref had a bad game to be honest. He can only give what he sees and the djorkaeff (sp?) is more to blame for bolton losing than the ref, with three good chances. Its very easy to blame the ref but no-one can argue with the result. 'Boro were the better side on the day.
  2. hmm, ghosts... honestly? Sounds to me like a typical builders excuse not to do any work. Some people make a lot of money out of making people believe in this kind of thing, in this case exorcists...
  3. probably is just bristol fans actually, didn't think of that. They were probably most annoyed at the end of their 11 game winning streak, especially at wednesday...
  4. Hi all, I was driving through Sheffield yesterday evening, i got to the large roundabout near the station and became stuck in heavy traffic (not unusual for Sheffield i suppose!) as I crawled past the station, i noticed a large group of policemen (around 30 or 40 if not more i would guess). They were marching in rank and file into the train station. I've had a quick look around local news sites and could find nothing relevant to the incident. Just wondered if anyone has heard what this was about?
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