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  1. I think he's trying to say that the bouncers don't give long enough to drink up at the end of the night. Which is stupid because venues aren't lawfully obliged to give punters a set time to drink up.
  2. I know it's so petty but I tend to use these opportunities as a bit of give and take for all the times the bus drivers pull out of a junction on amber with the lights going to red as though they're driving a small car, then block the lane because they can't get right around due to the traffic backing up.
  3. I've got both DS and PSP and if I had the chance over wouldn't buy a PSP, but that's just because I am much more into the kind of games that port much better to a touch-screen facility (puzzle games, etc.) The way I see it, somewhat stereotypically, is the PSP is a "lads" console; everytime I go into games shops I don't even bother browsing the PSP section anymore because there just seem to be reams of sports/war/FPS games and very little in the way of light-RPG options (I'd love a decent port of Final Fantasy VII or something). Also the insane loading times for some games really put me off (though I understand with the Slim + Lite this has been addressed) - The Sims 2 was literally a game of loading screens interspersed with a few movement options. That said, if you're big on the techy-geeky side, I know people who've used a popular hacking program to be able to play PSOne games as well as emulate N64, Mega Drive, etc. games and swear by it. If I had the perseverence (and confidence to invalidate the warranty) then it'd probably be a very different story.
  4. Someone told me that Christmas Eve is one of the best times to go since everyone presumes it'll be manic.
  5. Any sensible driver wouldn't drive off without all necessary seatbelts fastened though, particularly since anyone in the back seat poses a danger to those in the front.
  6. Pfft, think that's bad, what about the second-hand Wii they had bundled with 8 games for £550?! That's charging as much, if not more than a brand new Wii (£179) and full RRP for the games. I wonder if it's still there? The sad thing is they've really got customers over the barrel on this one; console bundles are usually pretty good value if you challenge them as to the contents - they won't want to lose £250+ to another store for the sake of swapping a few games in the bundle, except this year with the Nintendo consoles customers aren't in the position to say "well I'll go get it elsewhere".
  7. But then you have to consider that by restricting supply, you're also resctricting how much money you can make on the software. Sony and Microsoft have loads of third-party developers; the Wii is still attracting them after the commercial flop of the GameCube. Analysts have stated that this Christmas period will be vital in establishing whether there is a long-term third party interest in the console, so limiting the number of people who have one isn't in the company's best interests. I agree though, it seems crazy that in this day and age and a year after launch, there are still such shortages. However maybe for once it's just the fact that this thing is amazingly popular (and whichever way you look at it, for £179.99 it IS cheaper than its counterparts by a considerable difference).
  8. Have to admit, for me it is usually a convenience thing; when I was a student the cloakroom queues were always huge (and you know how once you've spent 20 - 30 minutes queuing to get into the place, spending even five minutes in another queue seems like a lifetime) - and when you're stood waiting to put your coat in, your mates go off to get drinks/start dancing. That and the venues in Sheffield are usually insanely warm so the walk home after spending hours in a large sweat-box rarely requires a coat.
  9. Yeah, I don't get why they bother people so much - in my experience the majority of people don't like them and think they're pretty pathetic - and to be fair I think they bring it all on themselves. I can understand why people get upset because they are the epitome of the "it's all about how you look" culture and it's not nice to think that people are looking you up and down in a bitchy way just because you don't fit into their "acceptable" stereotype but come on, who'd want to!
  10. I believe there's a sign on the door saying it's already been sold to someone? At least there was when I walked past last week.
  11. To be fair though, look at Dempseys, particularly on a Sunday when they're doing their Sunday lunches. Or even Lions Lair during the week in the daytime. I've been in both and you wouldn't know, besides perhaps from flyers or on the odd occasion other customers, that they were supposed to be predominantly gay. My recollection of a Sunday in Dempseys (not that I go down in the daytime that often) was that it was full of families with small kids. Though that was a few years back now...
  12. I can't quite work out who'd take more offence to that comment, Fuel or FAB...!
  13. I would never expect to pay more than 75p for a pint of cordial; granted there are glass-washing costs, etc. but unlike post-mix, there's really nothing you can do to cordial to make it worth paying that price for. For £1.00 you could just as well buy a whole bottle of dilute as a customer, and if you're selling it you're probably making what, a profit of roughly 15x what you paid (for a regular size bottle - most pubs would get the wholesalers' big bottles). Moreso, at least with coke, etc. if you use ice and lemon/lime you're making it different to how most people drink it at home (can or bottle, probably not chilled, no frills) so you're adding a bit of value to it - you drink cordial out of a glass anyway so you're charging £1.00 to add ice? Pfft, I know businesses are out to make a profit but sometimes you have to be realistic!
  14. I noticed this the other week when I happened to be driving back into the city at peak-time in the evening. Have to admit, the only thing that annoyed me was that I'd already gone past the turning and couldn't do it myself...
  15. No-one's been particularly negative though, just commenting. Certainly in the grand scheme of things around here people have been very well behaved recently. It's a good marketing ploy sure, I think the point people are making is that most posters acknowledge they drink more than £10 worth of drinks on a night out, particularly a Friday night (whereas perhaps on a weekday night people are more restrained as they usually have work the next day; also the operating hours of a club during the week are less, so you curb the loss somewhat). If it takes off then it is currently leaving FAB with only one night a week to recoup the potential losses made on drinks. Of course, I don't know the costs and such so I am only using it as an assumption. There is also the risk that with only two nights to choose from, people will choose to drink what they can on a Friday night and go elsewhere on a Saturday night. As has been said, getting people in is one thing, ensuring they come back to support the venue other nights of the week is quite another. I don't see that as being negative, just observations.
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