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  1. more chance of roy james winning an election:hihi: :hihi: :hihi:
  2. now known as sheff_chat just google it,not forgetting the under score:)
  3. it was only tv drive customers.....pikey vision wasn't affected:P
  4. at least i aint got to sit through x factor:D
  5. mines just the same....should it be rebooted?
  6. well its 4.55 and mines still not back on:mad:
  7. i han't got any message on the tv drive just summat like r---- i did turn mine off though for a while,hope i havn't effed it up
  8. put radio sheff on and listen to the blades game:)
  9. anyone having problems? mines been off a good half hour and i can't get through to customer service.
  10. my isp is telewest broadband and the router is a netgear 54 mbps WGR614 v6,i havn't connected to the router yet because it says don't till instructed to do so:confused:
  11. i bought one yesterday and the guy in the shop said it was easy to install,just pop the cd in the drive and follow the instructions........well ive got stuck at stage 1:confused: :confused: its saying my pc isn't connected to the internet,but it is,where am i going wrong?
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