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  1. Sadly the vet diagnosed it as a tumor and Henry was put to sleep before it caused him any pain. Very sad day xx
  2. Hi All - update on this one is that he left his tail alone for a few days and it healed itself good as new!
  3. Hi there About 2 weeks ago I noticed my hamster was dragging his leg a bit when he walked, I pushed on it a bit and he showed no signs of pain and indeed seemed to push his leg back a bit as if it still was functioning. He was still able to get around fine so I didnt think too much of it. Anyway last week I noticed around the ankle was a round swelling, it wasn't an abnormal colour, just looked a bit swollen but in an exact round firm ball shape. I have been checking it each day and I am convinced it has got a bit bigger now, so he is going to the vets tomorrow morning. I am torn between thinking it could be a tumour, or perhaps he had broken it and it is swollen. Whilst he is otherwise in great health, he is over 2 and I know his chances arent good - not sure what the vet can really do to help him. I feel so miserable today worrying about tomorrow, I have a feeling the vet will want to put him to sleep, whilst I know it is probably the answer it makes it no easier
  4. I think its as simple as him nibbling at it for some reason, nothing else has changed for him. However his nails have grown very long lately, and I have had to trim them for him, so possibly one might have been a bit sharp and so might have hurt his tail when washing. I just wish I could reason with him and say stop nibbling it! He is the sweetest kindest little thing and I can't bear to think of him with a sore tail!
  5. Unfortunately I left Sheffield 6 months ago and now live in London, I still like the forumers advice on my little friends though! I hope it is something simple and not a skin cancer or something that he can't recover from, it is his second birthday tomorrow as well!
  6. I haven't seen him scratching it however he did have some blood stains on his nails so I suspect he is, plus he is very lazy and gets up late when I am in bed so I am not aware of what he is up to. He is eating well though and does not seem ill in any other way, I dont have a lot of faith in the vets either as they arent often terribly used to hamsters
  7. Hi there, my hamster has had a sore looking tail for a few days now, and when looking at it last night there is a bit of dried blood on it. I think it is a case of him biting at it for some reason. I am taking him to the vets tomorrow, but wondered if there was anything tonight that I can do to help. I will bathe it gently, but wondered if there was a cream that is safe to use?
  8. Ive had two hamsters now go through surgery and both made it no problems, ones eye popped out so she had to have it sewn up. I think they put her in a cola bottle with a little anesthetic in it to send her to sleep for a little while..good luck! x
  9. I had a tumour removed from my hamsters back once and he was just fine! He came through the anaesthetic no problems and his bald patch soon grew back! Good luck
  10. My hamster spends hours biting and destroying her rotastak cage she has never managed to escape though!
  11. Well when my hamster escaped from its cage I did what any sensible hamster owner does, and sat in the lounge all night in silence until the little thing started rustling and I quickly caught it and put it back in its cage!
  12. My hamsters llove to eat grapes! I also give them those little dog bones so they run around pretending to be dogs! Pets at Home (I hear you all groan) do a range of organic treats, and one of those treats is a bag of mixed organic choc crops - i find those better than say the vitacraft ones as there are 5 different flavours in one bag so plenty of variety for the hamsters!
  13. I have looked online and some people suggest boric acid? I am going to go to the chemists tomorrow and see what they have - optrex sounds ok though - should i dilute it or just drop a little onto the eye?
  14. I dont think it is as bad as conjunctivitis as her eyes are not stuck together at all - it just looks a little sore in the one corner and slightly damp. I think she may have had a small cut on it and it has not healed - probably due to her washing it etc. I was thinking of bathing it tonight in contact lens solution - do you think this would be ok?
  15. My little russian hamsters one eye looks a bit sore, its been like it for a little while but has not looked too bad - she had long claws so it looked like she may have slightly caught it on one of those however I have had them clipped since. Are there any drops I could put on it? I had another hamster with an eye problem (which was in fact a tumour in the end) and the vet gave her some drops initially in case of an infection but I can't remember what the drops were - I know they were human ones though - help anyone!?
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