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  1. No one is tarring anyone with the same brush. No wonder these threads all go tits up.
  2. Im baiting no one and claiming no moral high ground. Im giving an opinion. Something which you obviously have a problem with.
  3. Because its what they do on here. No one said they are required. Nice try matey:thumbsup:
  4. Tut, tut. At it again BF? No one has said that and i cant imagine anyone would.
  5. How can you feel sorry for a rapist and a murderer? Sorry, alleged rapist and murderer. The mans a sick joke.
  6. Im looking forward to excuses for this behaviour from our forum muslims. Lets not forget though, not all muslims are like this:roll:
  7. Yay, ill just give Jack a shout. Im always more fun when hes around:hihi:
  8. That second picture looks like hes trying to impersonate Jimmy Saville.
  9. No, as long as everyone is of legal age and of sound mind.
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