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  1. Lost Friday 30th Nov valued family pet.Answers to Ripple.Last seen Greenhill Tuesday.Please help us find her. Please phone 07581414717
  2. We use Chris at TPS Plumbing in Bents Grren.His quotes are realistic and he is very reliable 07808 763 784 He is also experienced at tiling
  3. Ring Chris at TPS Plumbing it's his area of expertise. He will give a realistic quote and is reliable 07808 763 784
  4. If you need a very reliable plumber ring my husband Chris who is TPS Plumbers in Bents Grren His details are in the Directory. He won't let you down 07808 763 784 Les
  5. Thanks Micky,Chris at TPS will cetainly give a realitic quote on seeing the job His number is 07808 763 784
  6. iMicky ET is good as is Chris at TPS Plumbing based in Bents Green.Their details are in the Forum Business Directory 07808 763 784
  7. I agree with Ruby we use him a lot 07808 763 784 2671 534 His details are in The Business Directory
  8. Give Chris a ring at TPS Plumbing,his details are in the Business Directory 07808 763 784 Les
  9. Does anyone know where Nissan cars are scrapped near Sheffield as I need a new Hubcap Thanks Lesley
  10. I can call around Monday afternoon if any use Chris TPS Plumbing 07808 763784 My details can be found in the Business Directory Regards Chris
  11. Ring Micky Well reommended on here MET Gas Services Call: 07592 418536 or 01142477351 All Plumbing, central heating And Gas work in Sheffield. Corgi and Citb Registered,Timeserved and fully insured
  12. we will call in and thanks for arranging it Chris and Lesley TPS Plumbing
  13. Include us TPS Plumbing of Bents Green Chris 07808 763 784
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