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  1. I have been tonight to collect some parcels what i had delivered there, to be told that they have been robbed too. Not impressed
  2. Really hoping this is true lazy as I live in one of these property's an cannot wait for it to start! Been waiting long enough for it to happen.
  3. Yeh wish I never wasted my time or money having him come look, should have just took it to garage in 1st place! But oh well I know what to do in future!!
  4. Got it sorted now so mods can you please delete this thread. An Uhuru666 you was soooo wrong. I wouldn't waste my time with this bloke if he replies to you, he is a con artist!!!!
  5. Dot mot at olive grove. I take my car there, they are great.
  6. Hi i have a 2001 ford mondeo, recently i have heard a tapping/knocking sound What seems to be comingfrom near the steering wheel (if that makes sense). Everything else seems to be fine with the car just that i dont want it turning into anything worse. Has anyone got any ideas what it could be?
  7. Yes they do, they had some last week at £20 each
  8. My daughter attends valley park nursery an she loves it. All the staff are great with the children an their parents!! I would really recommend it!
  9. Try d.o.t mot they give some great advice on this sort of stuff! would really reccomend them.
  10. Hi i had a home birth july 2009 an now i am planning on having another one as i am expecting my 3rd child. All i can say it was the best experience ever! Came within half an hour of my waters breaking an it was just soooo relaxing to be in my own home, not stressful of anything. They even did the cleaning up after my little boy was born ..............BONUS lol. They stay with you about an hour after you have given birth then leave you to get on with your own stuff. I would really say to anyone who is planning on having a homebirth GO FOR IT!!!!!
  11. hi ive booked for the herdings park carboot on saturday. the problem is i have seen a poster for this today in the local shops which says it starts at 7.30am but on here it says 10am. does anyone know when is the real start time is as i dont want to go at 7.30am an been told it does not start till 10am.
  12. thanks i have booked trades an labour club today been to a few partys there before. thanks for the help everyone!
  13. thank you i have tried them they are booked for the night i need
  14. i phoned queens social club up today an apparently the dont have a function room
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