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  1. yep! I managed it, and only a matter of about 3 weeks after coming off double contraceptives (pill AND implant together!) lucky really as i have seriously bad periods and was dreading trying month after month and suffering agony in between! (instead i got an agonising pregnancy, but thats a different story....)
  2. Hi, give the swimming a try! At this little age, you tend to just be bobbing around with them anyway, giving them confidence in the water (and gaining a little yourself) and splashing about. Try doing some baking (it does get messy!) let LO stir and even pour somethings into the bowl, give them their own little bowl of stuf (rice/dry pasta etc) to sit on the floor and stirr while you do the tricky bits with the real food. Its great fun, slightly messy, ok, very messy, but great for bonding
  3. And mine have all sent up flower spikes.
  4. Pretty much all of mine have bolted, and all my garlic I've nipped out the flowers, but I'm now left with 50 onions and 30odd garlic that won't store, its gonna be lots of chutney, onion marmalade and frozen garlic for us....
  5. My LO is 26 months and we've finally got him onto an open cup for milk at night (kept getting there but teething always set us back - we've finished teething now! WOO) But if he wakes in the night hungry, which he does at the mo, (damned growth spurts!) then he gets a bottle. Mainly cos we're all so dopey in the middle of the night that he'd end up with milk everywhere, at least the bottle stops it spilling. I know a sippy cup would work too, but he will only have milk from an open cup or a bottle... toddlers... so damned fussy!
  6. We too have had a similar problem, DH asked at Focus and they don't do replacement covers for them at all
  7. I jinxed us last night. LO was up from 3am crying and moaning and crying again. If I went in he cried for daddy, if daddy went in he cried for me... *sigh* Nights like that end up with daddy and LO in the spare bed, there's no other way if we need any sanity Other than nights like last night, we only tend to be soft on him when its an obvious pain scream, then its calpol and cuddles. He's still working on his last two teeth and has suffered with all of them, the molars are really bad I think sometimes they just want to know we're there, sometimes its a dream/nightmare, sometimes they really want a cuddle and other times they're seeing how far they can push us!!! We're going to try him in a big boy bed after his birthday (next week ) see if that makes any difference... I'll report back... GK ooh and i might look for those Glo:e bears
  8. We've been going through the same thing for the last few months! My LO is 2 and has been waking in the night again for ages, he used to be such a good sleeper too We've still not got to the bottom of it, he still wakes, less now that he did at 18 months though. We had to start being mean, calming him down then putting him straight back in bed, repeatedly. You have some nights of almost no sleep, but then you get the better nights :)
  9. So sad and so sudden! With his dry humour, common sense and hatred of grasses, he was the best gardener i've heard!!! RIP John Cushnie
  10. Hi Bethsmummy! I'm a fellow sufferer... well, I was while pregnant! I suffered A.N.D. from about 10 weeks in until the end, with a small respite in the middle when i relented and took citalopram. I suffered badly with depression, and at the end suffered too with anxiety. I had a problem with everything being out of my control. Sadly I also had problems convincing the registrars and consultants (not at Jessops!) of the way I was thinking and how they could help me. They seemed to think that i was just being silly, this really didn't help Anyway, enough of that! The few things that I have found before then and since that help are: Drugs: Obviously, but in pregnancy its not an easy decision to take them and most docs WILL try to put you off. But if they are right for you, they will help, and help baby in the longrun! Daylight: Get out, get out as much as you can!! Go for walks in the sun (when it appears) even cloudy days can help as you still get sunlight. Or do as someone has already suggested and get a lightbox. They are great Exercise: Get as much exercise as you can, walking will do, but exercise releases endorphins and they do counter the depression quite a lot Fish oil: Seriously! I wish someone had told me this while I was pregnant, I only discovered it by accident since and have found out that Community Mental health here only tend to mention it as a last resort, despite the fact that it WORKS! Find some high strength EPA OMEGA 3 (not 6 or 9!) capsules and take them; eat lots of oily fish too if you can manage it. I've not found anyone who's not had a benefit from them, and it certainly makes your brain work a lot better I've even managed to lower my meds since going on them, and they were initially trying to increase my meds AND give me lithium!!! :o Anyway, thats all I can think of for now Hope it helps a bit and remember you're not on your own Em xx
  11. My little one was scanned when i was 42weeks and was estimated at 8lb12oz! 2 days later he was evicted and was 8lb 11oz!! sometimes they get it right!
  12. They chill mine out and stop him screaming the house down mainly, I don't think they help with the pain, but at least it tends to get a bit quieter! I swear by them
  13. No, to be honest I think the milk at night was just a comfort thing. We do offer him water if he wakes in the night now, but thats about it. He tends to eat when he's hungry and asks for more if he's not full anyway, so he regulates his own food. Saying that though, he's eating for England this week!!
  14. yep, ours too! Ed is nearly 19months and started refusing milk about a month ago. He has the odd sip some nights, other nights he'll have a couple of ounces, and some nights nothing... I offer him a couple of ounces anyway, but if he doesn't want it, he doesn't want it. hope that helps
  15. You also quite often get large male flowers before the smaller female flowers appear. Certainly all of my plants have done that this year so far. The male flowers have a long thin stalk to them, the female ones will have a tiny courgette to them. Just make sure that the female ones get fertilised and you should be fine oh and as neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek says; feed feed feed!!!
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