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  1. Hi Very long shot I know, but does anyone know if there are any iPad3's available anywhere in Sheffield? Cheers bib
  2. Sorry to hijack your thread here Bernhard69 ! I am also looking for a place I can buy from somebody. Been trying, but no luck so far. If anyone has one, can they please drop me a PM, and I will come to pick it up from you. Thanks ! Bibble
  3. Yeah, but they are digital fruit and veg, so I do still qualify for this thread!!!
  4. M Track, mentioned earlier are great. Mike is the guy. He delivers as many as you want locally, for £10 (last time I used him was last year, was that price then) He also had salt treated, used ones. I recommend him.
  5. EDGE is still the main industry magazine for games. A recent one called GAMEStm is also pretty good too. You can but EDGE pretty much anywhere, its not a difficult magazine to find.
  6. DONT PANIC !!!!! Its just this sort of rumour mill publicity that causes panic buying! According to one report, it was suggested that it was the management of the refinery who started the rumour, to try and put pressure on the union people who are organising a strike. There will no doubt be plenty of supplies, unless people change their normal habits and start buying earlier than normal. Just keep to your normal routines. It was also mentioned in the report that any shortages, and they thought there would be none, would be limited to Scotland and the north of England anyway.
  7. Cheers Pete Jim We have a second car, our family motor for the kids etc. If I get an Elise, it will be for me getting to and from work, Carterknowle to Meadowhall each day, plus having fun at weekends. In your opinion, would it be a viable proposition or would the impracticality drive me mental? I have had, still do have actually, a Mk2 MR2, also 2 seater, but a bit more substantial. That was cool, but also comfortable too. Just cant decide if an Elise would be too far the bad side of radical as my everyday car.
  8. Hi Not really sure about local prices, still researching really. Some of the consumable components i saw on some web site didnt look too expensive when compared to other sports cars I have had. Early versions of the Elise had a Rover K series engine, and parts for that are easy to come by and quite cheap I think.
  9. Thanks Wolfstalin I guess you are in the US right? As you mention, petrol is a little more expensive over here! Thanks Gordon! I know that they are reasonably good on fuel for a sports car, because they are lightweight and not over powered. My current car is a Mitsubishi FTO, and its getting rather thirsty nowadays. I wanted a replacement car that was going to give me driving fun, but not be so gas guzzling. Although the insurance costs may make up for that. Thanks for your reply.
  10. Hi If anyome out there owns an Elise, can you let me know how you find owning one in this city of potholes and speed bumps? I am considering getting one, and wondered if any local owners can share their experiences? Also, any info on running costs would be of interest too, including any garages used for servicing. Cheers in advance:)
  11. Its one of those rare occurences of a FPS game that works well on a console controller. I love it, one of the best games I have played for years, and I make the damn things for a living. All I can see when playing games these days are the faults, but theres very little to fault about COD4 !
  12. Also, on a similar wartime subject... Someone once posted on here about an area of moorland near the back of the Fox House Inn, where wartime training for D day had occurred. Apparently US troops trained there with live ammo and grenades, and scars can be seen on the rocks where they went off. Does anyone have a map grid reference for this area at all too ? Thanks
  13. Interesting post cartav. I too would like to know more about this. Anyone know anything?
  14. So, anyone been tonight who can report what its like now ?
  15. A 200 ft deep stainless steel pothole, filled to the brim with a lake of broken cars !
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