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    Hello everyone, is there still a Sheffield Gaming Discord, if so are there many active users?
  2. Hi All, I am looking for anyone else who has had problems with Sheffield Councils designated taxi companies, my son uses a taxi to get to and from college everyday because he is in a wheelchair. Historically when the companies are changed we always have teething problems while the driver gets to know my sons needs and vice versa. However this year has been the worst start since Holistic Taxis have taken over. We have seen a worrying trend of Taxi drivers who aren't trained and have little to no experience securing a wheel chair to a cab properly and not having the right equipment. The first driver they sent simply didn't know how or that he had to secure the wheelchair to the cab via the anchor points thinking he could just use a lap belt and the brakes on the chair. Today they sent a replacement driver and again he didn't know he had to secure the chair properly when I challenged him his response was 'I will drive slowly' as you can imagine my son certainly didn't travel with this person. I wondered if anyone else had had similar problems with Holistic or we are just unlucky. If you had did you report this to the transport department and what was their response?
  3. Hi Franko I had a similar problem a while ago when we got in the lift it dropped down a little which I thought was suspect, so I immediately got my son out of the lift the second it dropped and we were stuck on the second floor. The manager came over and I asked him when the lift would be active again and he said it would be at least 2 hrs because nobody on staff was trained to deal with lift problems which I thought was totally unacceptable. I asked if they had a service lift we could use but he said no which I doubt. When I voiced my frustration he responded by saying he could call the fire service I was taken a back by this his customer service was terrible and he still works there I see him from time to time. I logged a formal complaint with Cineworld and got the usual stock response but pushed it and got a response from a regional manager and an apology its a real shame things haven't changed.
  4. I have a fault with my connection ongoing now for 10 days, an engineer was dispatched Monday and managed to get my speed to 21 mb which was a huge improvement for the entire 12 hours it lasted. Within the day I was reduced to less than 1 MB again so I called again but from monday to today my service hasnt been restored. My speeds have been erratic to say the least, A one or two MB change is normal I would imagine but mine swings from 21/22 down to less than 1 MB and everything in between. In the morning my speed is fine easy 20+mb but by 3pm and onwards into the evening it just drops and drops until I have 1992 dial up speeds. I have a couple of questions:- 1) Anyone else fed by Mosborough on Origin having the same issue? 2) With the degradation in service would this breach my contract could I cancel? 3) Because I am paying for the upto 72mb service but my line wont reach above 30 ever (as per the BT engineer) what rights would I have to say they have mis-sold my service? Does anyone have a name of someone in Origin who I can actually speak to who wont fob me off? It got so bad yesterday I was forced to use my works Blackberry to create a 4G hotspot so I could do some work!!!
  5. Yes my parents are having same problem with Netgear router in the S20 area where are you?
  6. I love my tea and have a two pint mug at work for the morning pick me up I can safely say im addicted to tea and prud of it. Especially Yorkshire Tea the best by far
  7. Its got to be the Shapla everytime best curry house I have ever been too
  8. video tape em for evidence then call the police i would also agree with the shooting them thing aswell
  9. good ending but some of this series has been hard going but ending was quite good
  10. we went to see this on the first night and laughed most of the way through its truly awfull film. 5 people got up and walked out but we were laughing to much to leave avoid go see the Hulk instead pretty decent film
  11. Top of the world was a meeting place for people with CB's in thier cars. It was in Treeton and overlooked treeton dyke if I remeber right it was the car park to a small business. Used to go there all the time brings back loads of memorys The one on Moorgate was called Boston Castle if we are using the cb'ers context
  12. I have to agree i was appalled at the results. The mother who came out ranting and raving swearing it wasnt her son who nicked the car even though he had the tax disc total scum hard labour is the only way to go make em dig trenches fill them in and dig them out again for 12 hours a day
  13. Been with them for a while and I think they are a pretty decent provider its very reliable and decently priced
  14. Save your cash dont take any child to see it because its absolute rubbish such a dissapointment and not becuse he is getting on a bit the story is awefull and the acting is wooden and the stunts to far fetched if you ask me Take them to see Ironman totally awesome film.
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