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  1. Not long to go now, come along and have some great family time, treat Dad for Fathers Day. Leave the car at home, there's plenty of buses that go along Heeley Bank Road, and you can have a cheeky beer If you want a stall, contact the sponsors direct, their details are on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/1753855791518751/ Hope to see you there
  2. Come along and meet The Sealed Knot who will be hosting The Siege of Sheffield 1643, on Saturday 18th June & Sunday 19th June 2016. As well as a Living History Camp, demonstrations through the day, and culminating in a Battle from 2:30pm. There will also be a Craft Fair and small funfair rides for the little ones. Food & Drink will be available throughout the day in the Club House. The address is Sheffield Works Dept, Sports & Social Club, Heeley Bank Road, S2 3GL and is serviced by a number of buses that stop outside, or very close to the venue. There is a small entrance fee of £3 per adult, £1 per child, and under 5's are free. https://www.facebook.com/events/1753855791518751/?active_tab=posts
  3. Wanting to celebrate Yorkshire Day with a bang? Come along to Manor Lodge on Saturday 1st August and see The Sealed Knot have a skirmish in the lovely grounds of Manor Lodge. There will be a small Living History camp for you to look at, and of course we will have Musket, Cannon and Pike for you to watch. Will you be Royalist like us, or, will you be for Parliament? We will also have a recruitment tent where you can come and talk with us, "The Molyneux Company of the Queens Life Guard". Chat about what's happening, or if you're interested in joining us at future events as a member. Friends of Sheffield Castle and Friends of Manor Lodge will be there also. More information about entry etc can be found on this link http://friendsofsheffieldcastle.org.uk/the-battle-of-sheffield-great-park/ Hope to see you there
  4. We had a great time, despite the weather For information on joining us etc, then feel free to message me direct, or contact us through our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Molyneuxs Cheers Angi
  5. Gee, why didn't I think of that!!! Doh, had already done that, but no matter, got someone now
  6. We're looking for a mobile welder to come and do a few bits on our trailer ... mainly stabilising the jockey wheel. We're in the Lodge Moor area. Cheers Angi & Wayne
  7. Thanks for that Beth, have made my appointment for Monday afternoon. Just one concern now, mentioned I was going to my hubbys cousin, and she said the last time she went to Creator, they made a mess and she had to be really forceful to get a qualified stylist to put it right. Am now keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be the same for me
  8. looking for a full head of foils and a cut, that doesn't cost the earth as we're strapped. Don't mind it being under supervision etc, but would appreciate an idea of cost Cheers Angi
  9. Looking for a mobile welder to come out and give us a quote on some work on our trailer. Also, any recommendations on who, and who not to use would be useful too Thanks in advance Angi & Wayne
  10. It's called Downtown Akbars, and we've had takeaway delivered twice from them ... bloody gorgeous too .... definitely recommended, and prices are competative too
  11. does anyone know how often the buses are running today? Have to get to the Hallamshire and trying not to have to pay for a taxi (skint) .... we can get to the 120 bus route, BUT don't wanna be stood around for anything up to an hour or more, waiting .... tried the transport website but no joy ..... any help would be appreciated
  12. Has anyone got any reviews of it this year? Just that last year it was a disappointment as there weren't the usual charity tombola stalls, and every other stall seemed to be selling hand made jewellery, which I am so not interested in. Was thinking of giving it another go this year, but don't wanna waste the time or money if it's gonna be the same, which after 18 years of attending would be a real shame.
  13. I believe that if you have been classed as homeless, you can get a letter from the council to use St Vincents who can furnish you with non-electrical goods. They generally just ask for a donation towards petrol for delivery.
  14. my mum lived on the corner of Ebury Street and Newhall Road
  15. No it's not there any more. My grandmother and grandfather lived on the corner of Ebury Street and Newhall Road (the house that had the round corner) number 205 Newhall Road. I lived at number 209 Newhall Road.
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