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  1. Again, thank you all very much for your contributions. We have made our choice, and we'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed, it will work out well and I'll come back to report on this thread. It's a crying shame that solicitors are so expensive though. Justice does seem to be available for those that can afford it, but if you have very limited funds access to justice is also limited. cheers G
  2. Thanks again guys. As for the recommendations of firms (eg Howells, Emmett and Taylor etc), are there any particular solicitors that you have had good experience of? I suspect these bigger firms will employ 20 plus solicitors in their family departments. cheers G
  3. Thanks very much everyone for all this. It's always going to be a difficult and painful time, and I guess one side will always feel they won/lost which will colour people's opinions of particular solicitors. It's a minefield! At least Social care aren't involved (yet...). regards G
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes, there area lots of threads, and I have gone through them. Sadly, they can/do contradict each other! What I'm really after is a specific solicitor, as it is generally just one solicitor that handles the case. Although a firm may be good one year, they may not be so effective the next as the 'good' solicitor has moved firms. I've picked up from other threads that Demelza Wrigley is recommended. Anyone know of any other individuals? thanks very much G
  5. Hi all I'm on a hunt for a good family solicitor, residence order matters for a child. It will be paying (though not too much hopefully!) rather than legal aid. I would prefer a sensible calm solicitor as opposed to one who tends to the more aggressive. I have read previous posts, many of which unfortunately contradict each other. Anyone got any good recent recommendations? I'm after a person rather than a firm of solicitors, as it is often the individual who makes the difference. Thanks very much everyone regards G
  6. It sounds like an unpredictable commute, time-wise. So everyone - what would the consensus be for how long it would take in rush hour? (I know, piece of string etc, but all guestimates would be very helpful) Thanks again
  7. Thanks everyone for your info. This trip is a car trip, train is not an option (variious reasons...). So it sounds like it is not a quick smooth trip?
  8. hello everyone For all you people who have the unfortunate experience of commuting - how long would it take to drive from Leeds to get to Sheffield (Hunters Bar) for 8.30am? All help greatly appreciated with this. Thanks very much
  9. I've not known a virus kill a PC for many years (over 20). Whatever it was that ate my computer, it meant that it went into slow, slow, slow mode and said that there were about 67 things going pear-shaped with it. In the end, it wouldn't even boot up. Bit like a hangover that gets worse rather than better as time goes on. I can forgive it, it was 8 years old and well used.
  10. Hmm. Hadn't thought about the max limit. I seem to recall that it told me the burn was succesful. Don't know how to check though. Any guesses where I could take the CD to for any form of repair?
  11. Hello. My last PC got eaten by a virus. Luckily, I managed to download approx 650MB of files onto a CD before the PC finally died. I've now got a new laptop (with McAfee), but it won't open the CD - I suspect it may have the virus lurking on it. Does anyone know where I can take my CD to be repaired, i.e. removing whatever is blocking it so I can have access to my files again? Anywhre around London Road or Abbeydale road would be good, but frankly anywhere would be acceptable. Thanks for your help Regards, Graham
  12. Hello. I'm looking for a running club to do some training with. I did the Shefield half marathon this year, and am hoping to complete a marathon next year (optimism...!). However, I'm struggling to find people to train with, and would welcome any suggestions of friendly clubs. I live in S7, so South West would be handy, though anywhere works if it is the right club. Thanks very much, Graham
  13. Hi. A bad night at Cubanas. Both myslef and a friend have had our jackets stolen, sadly with two sets of house keys, car keys and a mobile phone. I firstly wish that the venue was safe (with several doormen, you'd maybe think so), and secondly I wish that the management would be vaguely concerned. I was left with the impression this is acceptable on a friday night. Draw your own conclusions.
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