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  1. (Sorry I have only just picked up the reply) Yes I remember him. I can remember us doing a panto - Cinderella - it was a hoot! And also remember running with a flaming torch from Sheffield City Centre to the Club - I was Knackered! They were good days! Who can you rememeber?
  2. Sorry - just re-read and can see what the drinks are. Give me the address and I'll bring my friends alaong too!
  3. Where is this place and what is the drink you have to buy!! I shall be driving so does this mean I won't qualify?
  4. Hi. I went to this school from 1951 to 1958. I remember some of the teachers at that time. Mr Bloxham, Mr Kettlewell, Miss Blatchford, Miss Heaton. And some of the class mates. Wonder how many are still with us? Some I've found on Friends reunited. I missed the last reunion but would love to be at the next. has anyone arranged another one yet?
  5. i went to Ellesmere too Arthur Fearne, but it was in the 1961/2 period. can anyone remember this? I would have been around 14/15 at the time.
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