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  1. Thanks very much, I'll pass on the info. N
  2. Does anyone know if the kennels for strays are still at Spring Street please? I've just been asked by someone wanting to donate food and bedding but I can't seem to find any info. When I search it does bring up a web address for Sheffield dog rescue but the site doesn't seem to be working. Thanks Nyx
  3. None in Frecheville either. It's been off for a good while now. Does anyone know what road the burst is on?
  4. Neither can I really lol A few years ago I kinda adopted the words "everybody deserves a second chance" (Within reason) I decided to apply it here, it did help that when I next rang I did actually receive an activation date ? Thanks? N
  5. I've had two composite doors fitted in the last three months. First one was from the external door company which although was OK I wouldn't use again. The address of the company keeps changing I've noticed, its gone from Penistone Rd, to Carver St to Limestone Cottage Lane. For the second identical door which was a lot cheaper I used Carl Haddock Installations from Thornbridge Drive in Frecheville. Wish I'd known he did composites before I had the first one fitted, he also adjusted the first door for me which had started to catch a bit. I can recommend him, did a great job! N
  6. We were off for bang on two months to the day!! Back on now and still with Origin, have yet to see if the billing for the new contract is as expected. I was extremely frustrated at the time that this has taken but I also understand that a lot of the time it had been held up by Openreach. The poor communication by Origin was a close second complaint to being offline for two blooming months though! N
  7. I'm not sure what's happened either tbh, I just feel as if we were forgotten about. I would have thought that as soon as the DR tags came off everything else would have progressed automatically but it seems that you have to ring up and prompt for the next step to be remembered. I'm going to a friends house this weekend to use their Sky connection, if I don't get an activation date by then I'll be moving. I would have stayed as I like the idea of supporting a local company but enough is enough. 40+ days and counting with no internet is just too long! N ---------- Post added 25-09-2014 at 13:23 ---------- Max the last of the tags were removed by Open reach last Friday so there should be no one left with a tag on now.
  8. Well my phone line is back up and running this morning :-) So far no activation date for my fibre broadband. Actually just had a call from Origin confirming that the phone was back on, the engineer from BT also called this morning to let me know. Origin are going to call me with an activation date so if I can be back on in a few days I'll stay with them but any longer and I'm off. Just called my relatives to see if they had heard anything about their connection but they haven't. My 70 odd year old mother is currently trying to order her groceries on a PAYG mobile as she can't get out of the house. It took a lot of persuading to move them onto Origin after years with BT and I feel really bad that they are isolated. Wonder how many others are still without a connection. N
  9. I'd love be to read the whole of this thread but I'm almost out of my data allowance on my mobile, hardly any minutes left either as I've used them all up ringing origin. They've said that they would ring me back last week and again today but no return call has been made. When the rags finally came off my phone line went dead and it seems they have no clue why hence no call from them as promised. I feel awful as I've recommended them to others in the past who switched. I told origin that I would be staying with them and placed my order for continued line rental and fttc but now I've had enough. My phone minutes will start again next week and I'll be ringing all the people I know to get them off origin onto a provider that actually calls their customers back. Dies anyone know of a fttc provider from Intake exchange that I can just switch to to get my phone line and internet back on? I'd be off searching if I wasn't so close to my data limit Also despite placing and order to continue with THEM will I be OK to just order with someone else and not have any penalties? Laughable under the circs I know but at the moment I feel like screaming ! Thanks N
  10. Does anyone know what has happened at or near Gleadless townend? OH just called to say that white lane is now closed and that there are lots of police and that the helicopter is there too N
  11. Try these from an ironmonger in Halifax They are anti pick, anti drill, anti snap and anti bump, delivery takes a few days and it took me a couple of minutes to fix them to the doors. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BS-Euro-Cylinder-Anti-Snap-Bump-Drill-Pick-High-Security-UPVC-Door-Lock-Barrel-/320857938633 N
  12. I can only echo Old tups post its absolutely spot on. N
  13. We changed over to Origin fairly recently and I had only heard about them after searching on here for something else, our speed was variable before with lots of dropouts and slowed to a crawl at busy times. I'm more than happy with Origin. I got the lowest priced package at £17.50 per month and the speed is around 23meg with no data caps. I only had to call them once and got a no nonsense reply with no automated rubbish to go through first-just a normal friendly guy on the phone that knew what he was talking about. I am so pleased that I changed my landline over to them not long before Christmas. Its nice to hear a local accent on the other end of the phone when you do call and its nice to deal with a local company. I've recommended them to others who will look to switch when their current contracts expire as and I really hope that they do well. I don't think I've been able to praise any other company that I've dealt with for quite a while so well done to them! N
  14. Would they be in good enough condition to freecycle? Everyone is a winner that way, even if they arn't good enough to go in a house wardrobes make for great storage in sheds and garages. N
  15. Just wondering if there was anyone who had used this garage more recently? My MOT is due shortly and i was looking for somewhere closer to home, the older reviews seem good and i'm hoping that this is still the case. All opinions welcome please N
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