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  1. The first landlord was Joe Holberry. I was friends with one of his sons Phil. I seem to recall he had one of the pubs on the bottom road, may have been the Don. He left the Boomerang to go to the Newfield Green in Upper Heeley.
  2. In 1966 I worked for HC Wray at Upperthorpe and Netherthorpe and knew Roland very well He was a true gent.
  3. C,mon mate. Got any to spare? Where did you get them from?
  4. I know that the Cunningham Branded Products are not made by or to the same standards as they were when they were Fowlers but all the products are still available from various different manufacturers, local or otherwise What I would like to know is if someone out there knows where I can buy Cunninghams Pickled Red Cabbage today. I know it is still available as I bought 4 jars of the stuff Christmas Eve in Sheffields New Market
  5. Does anyone out there in Forum Land know where I can get some jars of this?
  6. Hello Taffalux Are you sure that Ray still has a paper shop? I thought I had been told he had sadly passed away a couple of years ago?
  7. Ray Hudson doesn't have the shop anymore. He retired maybe 10 years ago and unfortunately is no longer with us having passed away. Can't be precise as to the date but I feel sure it must be at least 5 years. Both he and his father were true gents.
  8. The big houses at Birkendale were great for apple scromping. Got one or two good hidings after getting caught. It was like another world up there. So close to the slum housing around Crookesmoor/Upperthorpe the houses were huge with massive gardens. Even today vey few people are aware of Birkendale.
  9. If you remember Kays, then you will remember Dons paper shop, Vernons bakers, the snooker hall and the paper shop at the entrance to the courtyard that connected Sprinvale Road with Upperthorpe that came out at the Cooperage.
  10. Hello Susan. Philip Conway lived on Bannon Street about 4/5 houses on the left above Horam Road. He and his brother were into ballroom dancing big time. Up to national schoolboy level. You must have lived very close to the sweet shop opposite the Oxford. Do you recall Mrs Solliti who had the corner shop opposite the baths?
  11. I too have had this problem. I went to Ashley Rogers on City Road. Had 3 pairs made to measure. Perfect. Should have gone to him years ago.
  12. I am looking at a receipt from the Vic. It says, "Ron and Beryl welcome you to the Victoria Hotel" I think it is from around 1974 for my parents anniversary and it's for an evening meal for 12. Total cost £21.15 Sirlion £1.20 Mixed Grill £1.30 Fillet Steak £1.35 9 coffee's 0.96p Those were the days.
  13. Sounds like a good way to deal with the loutish behavior we have to put up with in pubs these days. Which pub is it?
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