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  1. Hi John, Yes it is a long time, what do you mean about 'Morris Dancers' y'r not one of them are you, where abouts are you living? I'm up in Crookes in Sheffield, not a million miles from Gertrude St , Thanks for the reply if you want to PM me its moffi@aol.com look forward to a chat sometime . Ciao Ian
  2. Hi BullerboY Yes the same, up to retiring, are or were you at swans ?
  3. Hi John, Ian Moffatt, Whitely Woods , any bells ? ciao
  4. Hi, Miss Harbron was the Headmistress when i was there I cannot think of many of the teachers but there was Mr Turner (Pop ) Mrs Worral, Mrs Johnston ( or Johnson) and the allotments at the back where we grew the veg for dinners , and also having to walk up the lane from Bents Green in the snow because the school bus could'nt get up the lane, then they would put on porridge or sometimes bacon and tomatoes and as we were all supposed to be 'sickly' children the breakfasts were a bonus, the rest period after dinner, outside in the summer but how we were supposed to sleep, I never did anyway, walks down to Forge dam (Nature Study) just a good lark on a summers day . I also seemed to recall the lady in charge of the kitchen she used to live in one of the cottages on the right hand side lower down the lane Mrs Biggs or Briggs ? I was there from about 1950 till 1960 (ish) The place is now a private dwelling , still very imposing but alas you can only view it from the lane and the right hand side between the cut and the playing field. Ciao Ian
  5. Was John Humphries, of TV's Mastermind in Firvale, (Sheffield) today Mon 24 at about 13.00hrs, with an Asian looking lady who seemed to be continually on the phone, He was wearing a dark coat with a black shoulder bag. ? adnil
  6. Re Jessops demise, there has been a petition running for quite awhile, where have you all been? Too late now, the powers that be have decreed that they are right and the people of Sheffield do not deserve to be listend to because the Vice Cancellor and his croneys say so.
  7. Second hand, but good condition, the old Sipela works on canal st, worth a look
  8. It's pathetic how mean spirited some people are, the Jessop building is a strong part of Sheffield history like Beauchief Abbey, Sheffield Castle, how can we pass on to our children the history of Sheffield without tangible evidence for all to see and learn of our past and the people who instigated them and bequethed them to the city. Sign the petition NOW!!
  9. We can see it claycross side of chesterfield
  10. Hi Hillsbro, Yeh, thats it the 'Unity', yes John would be my age, born 1945, I think his mother once worked in the school kitchen at Whitely Woods, I don't recall her name, Ethel does'nt ring any bells, mind when you were kids we did'nt call grown-ups by their Christian names , 'Mrs-Mrs' that's was it. Thanks, Ciao nai
  11. Used to be at school Whitley Woods, with a lad called Footitt, (John ) I think he lived, with his parents on Gertrude st, possibly around the 60's at the top of the street used to be a cinema, well round the corner on Infirmry Rd called ?? the Union sounds familiar. Ciao nai
  12. Hi Castley, I lived on Edgar St, born 45 and left in the 60's used to live at 69 same yard as John Cox and Stephen Sykes, happy days on the wreck and Smiths Field, kick can at the end of the street by Pepperdines fruit shop, Gillots bakery down lyons st scrounging day old cakes and bread from the drivers when they came back to the depot, races around the block starting at Pepperdines, on Edgar st up Harleston st on petre st down lyons st and a swing round the gas lamp at Pepperdines for the winner.might have been 'mucky' but we did'nt know any different. My name is Ian, I had an elder brother Gordon and a sister Barbara. Ciao
  13. Hi Janet, Sorry about Geoff, would have liked to catch up with him after so long , pity that, anyway my surname is Moffatt, I only knew (vaugely) he had a sister but the age we must have been it was more a case of 'lads together' girls ? fraid they came mutch later. Thanks for the return Janet, always nice to get a follow up on contacts Ciao, Ian
  14. Hi Brooklynex, So where did the Demicritus bit come in then, its a grand sounding name though innit ?
  15. Hi, Floater, Yeah, In remember Geoff Lavill, we all used to knock around together, a mate Rodger Pearson used to live just higher up the road from Geoff near the small shop by the chapel, pass my regards on to Geoff when you see him, my name is Ian as for the names of people on thorndon road, afraid I can only recall my aunt and uncle , Alice & Harold wright, they had two sons Harold & Barry. Ciao Ian
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