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  1. It was ealy 80s , the people who bought the peacock also took over the old bank and extended the restaurant and turned it into The Coach House , iit was deffinately before 1984 , if I remember rightly the people who opened it also owned the Venus Steak place on the moor
  2. it did'nt become a bank , it was converted from a bank into a restaurant ---------- Post added 25-10-2018 at 16:34 ---------- If I remeber rightly they had the Ellesmere pub then moved to one in Beighton I think
  3. Hi You can find Joe on Facebook , he lives in Tewksbury these days .
  4. Hi they left the pub trade unfortunately Mick died last year but Mary is still going strong ---------- Post added 05-02-2016 at 16:31 ---------- just found out it was December 2014
  5. There was a mick stone lived in coal aston who used to be a butcher then started his own window cleaning business , not just one man with bucket and ladder but a proper business Don't know if he still lives there.
  6. Hi I first joined Pitsmoor W M C in 1965 and later on joined The Arundel Ex Serv club, of which I am still a member. in the 60s , 70s , 80s i used the clubs regularly but in recent years not so much. There used to be some very good acts to see, for free and we had some great times. If you want to check a club out that has bucked the trend over the years , then the Arundel is the one to go to.
  7. It was a restaurant before the Coach House , it was the Peacock chinease restaurant that opened in the 60s , but the question on the original post was " does anyone remember the Coach House " and that opened in 1980
  8. Thanks Jean that did come to mind but it's many years since I was over that way :thumbsup:
  9. Off topic here but can anyone tell me what pub was above the "who can tell" , I was asked by a friend in the pub last week and can't remember. I can remember a few in the area but not sure which was closest to the "who can tell " Thanks for any help
  10. If you google "car boot junction " you can get all the info you need
  11. As said, Morrisons was Gleesons then powerminster, Homebase was a Brick makers yard
  12. Yes I remember Bunny and his son Rodney. I used to play darts in the same league, played for the Forest on Rutland Rd, the Furnival and the Buckenham.
  13. I am guessing you are a few years older than me from those names. Danny Fairweather I got to know in later years as he used to go in my dads pub, ( The Buckenham ), Bob South is a good friend of mine he is about 4/5 years older than me but we used to out out for a drink together at one time with our wives.
  14. Yes, used to play football in the yard with ,Hodgy and others, don't remember anyone going to the pub though, but I was only 14/15 at the time.
  15. Certainly do I thought he was a smashing fella. ---------- Post added 05-02-2013 at 17:29 ---------- Oh and Jean Piggot her husband used to be in a jazz band called " Climax"
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