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  1. My 2 yr old has been going through the same thing for a while now....people have suggested all sorts of rewards (stickers, stamps etc) but she couldn't care less and would rather go without. I know people say that you shouldn't force kids to clean their teeth as it can set up negative emotions about teeth for later in life, but I think its really important. So I told my daughter that either "Mummy would do them in the mirror and she could finish off after (or start and then Mummy do them - you get the idea) or Mummy would hold her down and make her do them". Sounds awful, but we only had a couple of days of holding her down (which she hated and it was really hard) before she decided that it was better to let my do them in the mirror....now she's fine about it. The other thing that has really helped with the quality of the cleaning is that we discovered she thought the spitting part was really great. So we do about 2 teeth, and if she gets fidgety, offer a rinse and spit (its a messy time at our house!) and then keep going. Strange but true. If I leave her to it, she just sucks the toothpaste too. Don't know why they all like to do that so much!! Hope that helps.....
  2. Hi all I've not been on here for a long while (I've been lurking though!), but you're always so helpful so I wanted to ask your advice. Not sure if any remember, but 2 years ago I had a miscarriage. It was absolutely the most horrifying thing that ever happened to me and I really didn't deal with it well. It took 6 months of basically losing the plot before my husband said "you need help" and so I did and felt a lot better. However, I still cry whenever we talk about it. But, we now have a gorgeous 11 month old girl who we love to bits. Anyway, trying to set the scene a bit. We no longer live in Sheffield but live very near my husband's best friend from college, who my husband also works with. He and his wife have a lovely 2.5 year old and have been TTC. I get on well with his wife, but we don't socialise/chat without the boys there. Basically we are friends because they are. So they are coming over tomorrow for lunch and my husband just rang me from work saying that he'd just spoken to his mate and found out they've just this week had a miscarriage themselves. I know my husband would have said that the same thing had happened to us. So after a VERY long intro....How do you sympathise without upsetting them? Do you say anything? I personally felt a little better knowing that other people had been in the same boat but how do you do it sensitively? I can't remember what people said to me...I was very busy trying to look like I was dealing with it positively.... Any suggestions?
  3. This is our first successful pregnancy (although not out first pregnancy as some of you know). The first time round I felt nothing at all except at about 11.5 weeks when I suddenly had this feeling I wasn't pregnant anymore - we lost the baby 2 days later. This time I had some (mostly) evening vomiting until about 12 weeks - including a very very embarassing episode of vomiting in the gutter in a busy street at 9am (I'm sure everyone must have thought I'd had a huge night out!), then no sickness from then on. First felt her move at about 17 weeks but didn't show for ages. Even now at 34 weeks people keep telling me how small my bump is. From the back you wouldn't know (apart from unflattering elasticised trousers!). I'm carrying her all out the front and very high. Really really enjoying being pregnant and can't wait to meet our baby in a few weeks - just very tired all the time and have started going to sleep at 8:30 on the sofa, as well as having a snooze every afternoon!
  4. same thing happened to me - i burst into tears the other day because my teabag burst while i was pouring the water into my mug to make a cup of tea and don't even get me started on the RSPCA ads on TV..... the joys of hormones
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies - its always nice to come on here, everyone always has great advice and sympathy! Am feeling much much better. I think the hormones have settled (for the moment!) and things don't seem so gloomy any more. I'm going to start going to pregnancy yoga 2 mornings a week from next week so I will at least meet some other pregnant women there. I've also decided to look into the volunteering idea too - great idea! And OH seems to have gotten a spurt of excitement about the whole thing too. I think it really helps that baby girl has started kicking in response to his voice, which makes it seem a bit more real (she also kicks in response to Kaiser Chiefs, but I thought he didn't really need to know that!). And we've had a talk over New Years about how out of sorts I've been feeling and why - and I think he understands more how I feel. Thanks again - and I'll keep you posted about how things go!
  6. No rest assured it is not to do with his work schedule - i have placenta praevia (spelling?) so we don't really have a choice. Don't worry - I'm not quite THAT down-trodden I just don't know how to make him feel more excited or involved. Sometimes he comes out with things that make me feel like he's really excited (like talking about how exciting next Christmas will be with a baby in the house), but I just can't get him excited about the actual birth, the time when I feel like I need the most support.
  7. Just wondering if anyone else out there is feeling a bit alone in the whole pregnancy thing? We've moved recently, about 1500miles away from any of my family, for my husband's job, so I am missing out on my normal family support. I thought it would be okay because my husband and I would help support each other. He's always been really supportive and loving in the past but its not really working out that way. Being an ridiculously over-emotional pregnant woman means that everything my husband says makes me burst into tears. He's not excited about the birth (we are having a caesar booked for a morning and he's already talking about going back to work that afternoon - and this is our first child). I try and talk to him about it, and about how I'm nervous about having a baby and not knowing what to do with it and because we don't know anyone here but of course I just burst into tears and he takes it to mean that I don't want to live where we live now and that I want to go home and that I'm trying to pressure him, rather than just get some support (when in reality a really nice big hug would do). We are due in May (early May) and he keeps nagging me about getting a job between now and then - luckily not for money reasons, but because he thinks I will be bored. Noone wants to hire a person who is about to have a baby, and especially since it was always our plan for me to stay home for a year with the baby once she's born. My job is very competitive, and people only want to hire someone who is going to be in it for the long haul. I'm really trying to find something but I can't seem to convince him of that. Last night right before bed he started up on it again, which of course just made me cry, and then he said that he really wants me to get a job because "when he gets home from work, all he wants to do is relax, and since I've been at home all day I'm too excited to see him and force him to interact". I am trying to get out and meet people, but there are very very few pregnancy exercise classes where we live (not Sheffield). There is no such thing as aquanatal, there is only pregnancy yoga one morning a week and they are on Christmas break. We can't start antenatal classes until 32 weeks. I'm sorry, this all sounds like a huge whinge, but I just need to get it off my chest in what has always been a really friendly environment. I guess I just want to hear that men can change once the baby is born
  8. Thanks cosywolf - your link reassured me that perhaps only being able to eat doritos (something about the salt is really settling) and grapes is not too bad! Its more the amount of liquids I'm not managing but I stand in the supermarket until something appeals and try that! They must think I'm mad And thanks for the welcome back - fingers crossed this time everything is okay.
  9. Hi all I guess the title says it all...I need tips on dealing with "morning" sickness - which seems to be lasting all day! I'm not vomiting (would probably be better off if I was) but am just so nauseous and dizzy all the time. The thought of food is completely beyond me and even drinking a glass of water is a real challenge. Ginger ale was helping me for a few days but now its on the list of things that turn my stomach too! Any suggestions?? Am completely delighted to be pregnant, but at only 6 weeks today I'm not sure how I'll go for the next few months!
  10. How early did you know you were pregnant? Was it before you had missed a period anyone? What early symptoms did you have? My hubby and I are TTC after a miscarriage early in the year and I just wanted to know if anyone had been able to tell they were pregnant really early.
  11. We just had a very very small wedding in the botanical gardens. Lisa Abbott (lisaabbottphotography.co.uk) came and did our ceremony. She has several advertised deals on her website, but when I spoke to her, she was very flexible and organised a deal with us for a smaller number of photos and only staying for an hour and was very reasonable (sorry, am at work and can't remember exactly how much). I would really recommend her, especially if you are looking for photos not only posed ones but also really natural, unposed moments when people aren't aware they are being photographed (which actually turned out to be our favourites).
  12. As long as you get your child immunised against measles mumps and rubella I don't think it matters whether you get it in one jab or three. The supposed links between the mmr jab and autism in children have been disproved by science several times, but because it is a sensitive issue it is constantly brought up by the media as a proven connection. Bear in mind too that (certainly where I come from) kids will get re-immunised for MMR at school at about age 14 and you don't get a choice then - and no links have been proposed about the injection then, when its the same preparation. I am a firm firm believer in immunisation, and if you are really concerned, just make sure you do it SOMEHOW - don't rely on herd immunisation or bizarre natural remedies. But ultimately its what you are comfortable with.
  13. Hi all With the wedding just 3 weeks away today, we've decided we'd like to change our dessert. We're having a very very small wedding and are having a dinner party afterwards with parents only. We've decided against a cake, and are having pudding and cheeses instead. But - we've decided we'd like to have a bit of wedding kitch and put a bride and groom on the top of our pudding. Does anyone know where you can buy them?? Thanks
  14. That happened near my old house when I was at school - there was a big billboard saying "claire, will you marry me" and then a few weeks later "claire said no". Thats always put me off the really really public proposal (not that that would happen to you I'm sure). I agree with the botanical gardens suggestion. Was there at the weekend and it was looking gorgeous. There are lots of flowering trees and shrubs which would make a really romantic backdrop. Perhaps a nice picnic, champagne etc??
  15. Hi guys Friends of ours are leaving Sheffield (and the northern hemisphere) for good in a few months. We'd really like to get them something typically "Sheffield" so that they will always remember us and living here. Obviously only nice suggestions please!! Thanks!
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