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  1. It's got to be worth sorting out the welding and then getting a decent price for it - now is the time people are looking to buy campers too. Try the guys down this alley in Malin bridge; I had a lot of welding done on my old camper here. Decent work at a very reasonable price. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.400331,-1.511667,3a,30y,78.74h,74.08t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sMWfIMsbG0aODP_BpEIjFuw!2e0
  2. I've used Carsons Stationery on West Street before: http://carsonstationery.co.uk Always found Staples to be a bit expensive but probably good for an office. We use Viking Direct mail order at work with free next day delivery (over £20 or something).
  3. No problem - it kept me entertained for a few mins during a quiet day at work anyway.
  4. This link (bottom) suggests that the name is also related to a cash point on Ecclesall Road: http://www.nearestcashpoint.co.uk/search/cash-points-in-crookes-south-yorkshire
  5. I think that the actual fitting of roof bars on the car is relatively easy - If you get the right kit for your car it should be easy enough to do with the instructions. Generally there are fittings on the car or screw holes already in place - you just need to know where they are. Personally, I've been looking at a tow bar and bike rack that clips on to that as loading the bikes is a pain on the roof and isn't great for fuel efficiency.
  6. I'm not sure of the name, but there is a wool shop opposite the Springvale Pub on Commonside which may be able to help sell your things.
  7. I think it can be distracting as well, especially when it changes image and you get one with a bright white background - it definitely catches your eye!
  8. If you have a car then drive, or even hiring one and driving would probably be cheaper than the train. You could probably save a few pounds (£15) if you split the journey. i.e. get the train to Bristol and then get a different train to Yeovil (2 journeys, 2 tickets, not 1 ticket for all). Hope that makes sense.
  9. Cold feet can keep me awake too so I wear bed socks and we also have an electric blanket to pre-heat the bed; you can also leave it on low over the whole night. Also, as mentioned before, try the sounds to help you drift off (free apps for your phone) and make a list of things on your mind before bed so you don't have to try and remember them. If all fails I get up read some news or look on Sheffield Forum and go back to bed when I'm tired.
  10. If it is the same as my 1999 6N2 polo (I think is is a 1.4spi) you have to: 1, Open the bonnet, look at the right hand side at the back (just under the windscreen wipers). 2, You have to pull the rubber sealing strip from the right hand side (it it a squashy one and comes off easily - its not the very flat one directly under the windscreen). 3, After that you lift out the plastic cover which is under the wipers and goes from the right hand side to the middle (there may be some lugs holding it on too - I think I accidentally broke mine). 4, The pollen filter is under that cover in a box of its own. I hope these instructions make sense - I don't know why it is hidden where it is!
  11. I don't know if they are moving or why but why do people always think the most negative things. Maybe they are going to relocate as they are doing so well they need a bigger premises.
  12. Have you considered cycling? It takes me 40ish mins to cycle the 10 miles from S6 to Rotherham (near the hospital). Allow an hour though to give you time to shower.
  13. When I see the road narrowing like that on my bike I'd be getting in the middle of the lane to stop cars overtaking at that point
  14. Have you tried this website? You can search for campsites which allow fires like this: UKCampsites
  15. Yes, I'm sure each cyclist paying an annual fee will make them impervious to being hit by cars like some magic force field! What planet are you from? It is car drivers who should be careful where they are going and should only overtake when it is safe to do so. As a cyclist I can tell you it is no fun being on the road with car drivers on busy roads but sometimes there is no other option. As a car driver as well I can tell you it is inconvenient being stuck behind a cyclist, it is also inconvenient being stuck behind buses and tractors, but I'd rather be late then have someone's life on my conscience.
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