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  1. very funny dipstick, don't suppose your volunteering to lead the way ?
  2. am Sheffield born and bred, i love my city , but after decades of neglect i have seen her crumbling, the advent of the ' multi - cultural society ' is in my veiw largely to blame,', whilst i actively embrace our forigen bredderan, it must also be noted they really do not want to integrate with the rest of us , just look around you, the whole city is becoming 'ghettoized'. please don't even attempt to tell me i'm wrong , I live in pitsmoor and have done for some 20 plus years and have seen this and continue to see this phenomonen evolving before my eye's
  3. never really gave it much thought but that said , personally i do think its a little sad for the older balding man to have a pony tail of any length but thats just my own opinion, it'd be a sad old world if we were all the same, as for me i regularly shave my head as at 52 years of age my once dark hair is rapidly getting greyer so it comes off every couple of weeks or so for no other reason than vanity , oh and the fact that i'm too tight to use the hair darkening products that are on offer
  4. can highly recommend MEADOW FARM at ecclesfield, has indoor & outdoor kids play areas, good ,reasonably price food, good selection of beers wines etc, they accept credit cards too, we go there quiet a bit with our grandkids
  5. have bought loadsa stuff over the years, never had any problems, last purchase was a (new) porta potti for our caravan, reasonably priced, acceptable post and packing charge, item delivered within a couple of days. i always pay via 'pay-pal' as you do get some protection if a purchase doe's go wrong, i.e not as advertised, or recieved etc etc. there is an option to add your bank details to your profile to 'validate' your account but i don't like the idea of such a site having that info on file so have never given it
  6. i've held my liecence for well over 30yrs now and in that time have had more cars than i care to mention, all shapes, size's and prices and in my experience for a grand you pays ya money and takes ya chance, their all good while their running right my own favorites have been, the ford KA, have had 2 of them and they never let me down and were fun to drive, had a mk1 XR2 really enjoyed driving that too, never liked fiats tho,' have had 2, a punto and 2 litre super mirafiori and all that fiat meant for me was F..ix I..t A..gain T..ommorrow. like i say so long as YOU like the car you get and it keeps running it'll be a good 'un .also helps keeping the running costs down on older cars if you can do little jobs like oil/filter changes and other minor routine jobs yourself
  7. as a (working) life long union member, T.G.W.U originally now UNITE, i would have to say the i believe ASLEF,the train drivers union may not be the biggest but i think it's the strongest, well supported etc etc, has won more disputes than it's lost, pay and working conditions 2nd to none. after all a train can run with-out trained on-board staff, but it can't run without a fully trained, safety critical, driver
  8. it's was only a passing thought, not a wish for the return of such a system, just wondered how much higher , theorhetically, the turn out figures might be if a payment was made for your vote, thats all
  9. we were having a discussion in the pub the other night, about getting off ya bum to vote, personally i always make the effort to put my 'X' in the box, and it annoys me when others don't for what ever reason out of the 9 of us having this chat only 2 of us actually go to vote ,the others said they didn't see the point or simply couldn't be bothered, but these self same people all said they WOULD go out to vote if they got paid for it. i was just wondering out of interest ,if there are any no-voters on SF, how many others would vote if you got paid too ?
  10. was going to get some snow chains or studded tyres for my car, so had a quick search on the web regarding the legallities of using either in the U.K. and found that it is ILLEGAL to use either on our roads but are LEGAL and a legal requirement in some other european countries. hope this helps
  11. help help help, christmas is upon us and so much to do, have promised my eldest grand son a quad for crimbo, but despite trawling thw web etc can't seem to find any where in the sheffield area that sell's 'em, was wondering if there were any SF'ers that could point me in the right direction please
  12. nice to see so many people willing to dob some one in for something relatively trivial, i wonder if these same 'informants ' would be as quick to write in if their letters were not kept annonymous , and how many of them are just as guilty as those that they write to the police about , and why is it that with so many wanna be detectives theres so much crime that goe's unreported, like starving a child to death, beating up an elderly person etc etc etc all too often the police can't find witnesse's to incidents such as these but woe betide the motorist that perpertraits a misdemeanour behind the wheel of his motor and every busy body with in 5 miles of him wants to grass him up as the good book says 'let he who is with out sin cast the first stone'
  13. i can empathise with the o/p on this one, there really are some sick mo' fo's out there, a couple of years back we suffered a burglary, and to add insult to injury the thieves poured a full bottle of bleach into our fish tank with the obvious consequence's to our fish.
  14. i take your point on the difficulties involved in instigating part time signals, irrespective of any dft guidelines, as any regular driver on sheffields ,potholed road system could tell you ,the powers that be seem to have difficulty keeping the darn things working during the day, the signals at holme lane for instance regularly pack up bringing the whole area to a standstill, ditto the signals at shalesmoor and woodseats to name a few , can't get much safer than that , motionless vehicles = no accidents, but then thats been sheffield councils wish for many a year
  15. as a shift worker, who regularly traverses sheffields roads at all times of day and night, it seems to me certain sets of lights, specially along penistone road and shalesmoor, may as well be turned off ,given the number of taxi's ( black cabs & private hire) that go through them irrespective of the colour of light displayed, espesially around 2.30 to 4.00 am
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