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  1. I'm currently looking to book a venue for a childrens party on 6/7th July 2013 in the S11, S10 area. There will be up to 40 childrens and parents attending, as well as this it would need to accommodate a bouncy castle (inside) Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Hello I'm thinking of moving into an IT role but don't have the depth of IT knowledge to be able to do this. I'm very good at IT and have been for the most of my life (i've setup and run successful websites). I'm wanting to do a night course in IT programming/systems (as I work in the day). Does anyone know if any of the colleges around the Sheffield area do this and any recommendations? Thank you
  3. Hello, Me and a friend are looking to buy a vending machine just to make a bit of money on the side, but we're not sure what is required of us in order to run one. I've been told by a mate that we would need a hygiene certificate because it's serving to the public. We would be looking to do a tea/coffee/sweets/cold drinks vending machine. Does anyone know what we would need in order to start running one? Certificates etc? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the valuations.
  5. Hello, I've got 2 laptops at the minute I want to sell, I have a rough guide of how much they're worth bur just wanted some opinions. The first is a Advent 9117 Laptopin good condition (18 month old), which comes with: 120GB HDD 1GB Ram 17" widescreen (glossy) display DVDRW Drive The second is a Dell Inspiron 2650 in fair condition (about 5/6 year old), which comes with: 20GB HDD 256mb Ram 15.6" screen Also, when it comes to selling it, what would I need to do? (reformat etc?) Thanks in advance
  6. I think it was because they was so old, and they could have collapsed at any time.
  7. I'd say anything upto £300, I bought mine last month for £399, and that got me 1GB ram, 120GB HD, 17" widescreen, vista home premium. I would never go back to a smaller screen, the graphics on this lappy are quite good too. I'm impressed with my laptop .
  8. I was there last night, as I came out of the cinema (from I Am Legend) I noticed there was a massive queue going all way round to the escalators (near the pic'n'mix area). When we went in around 6ish, it was empty , never seen it so empty in my life.
  9. Hello everyone! I've been registered here for some while, but haven't really posted anything. I used to be from Sheffield, and will shortly be moving back, but I do spend most of my time still in Sheffield (it's got everything I need!) :hihi. :D:D:D
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