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  1. I discovered this the other day....parked for about 45 mins....and when I returned to my car I noticed that the man next to me was just putting a ticket in his car. I hadn't seen the ticket machine until then so went to have a look.....apparently the first hour is free but you still need a ticket and the machine is one that asks for your reg number. It says that the camera is in place to record your car entering the car park, and if you stay in the car park longer than 10 minutes, you have "Entered into a contract" to get a ticket /pay.....
  2. Apparently there are notices up in Central Beans window about a license application for it to become a bar.... Loungers? I think it said There's also a rumour that Costa are going to take over the tea shop upstairs in Sanderson's
  3. There was an accident about 7pm when I drove up there. I could only see one car - looked like it had hit the crash barrier on left and was smashed up and facing the wrong way. Not sure if this is the same event but I remember thinking there were a lot of police vehicles for what appeared to have happened.....
  4. But who also had some pretty extreme views, albeit extreme right wing rather than anything labeled as Islamist.....
  5. Doesn't Sandersons have a nice "tea room" upstairs? Not been in the tea room though, so no idea what kind of thing it does. Also if you venture out of Fox Valley onto the main road in Stocksbridge there's a fab cafe - Coffee Apple. Its been there a couple of years and is really nice - they do nice lunches! (only a few minutes walk away) Central Bean coffee shop in Fox Valley is OK too.
  6. Just seen on Facebook - he's been found - apparently in the grounds of a church in Ecclesfield (and it sounds like he's OK)
  7. Looking on the website, I'm not sure the Bar/Grill are much cheaper....£3.50 - £4 for bottled beer. I'd say the prices are comparable with places like Pizza Express...so not cheap, but not ridiculously expensive....
  8. Ponti's Italian Kitchen....went last night and it was packed. True its not cheap, but the food was fab....and it didn't feel like you were in Stocksbridge!!
  9. Just to add to the info.... RIVA is a registered charity supporting young adults with disabilities. The charity shop and cafe do indeed raise funds to support the work of the project, and it is staffed largely by volunteers. The shop has some real bargains...and the stock changes really regularly, and the cafe serves some tasty snacks/cakes etc at great prices. Open Monday to Wednesday, and Friday.....9.00 - 3.00 (closed Thursday)
  10. I'm not sure that's true....I've met plenty of younger people who use BSL. Often depends what type of education they had, eg if they went to mainstream (hearing) schools, or to a Deaf school.... Knowledge of BSL is also useful for SSE anyway as you'll know the signs...
  11. My daughter used to go to Take Two theatre school at Birdwell, so just into Barnsley. http://www.take2centre.co.uk And search for theatre school. They do regular performances and were good at giving everyone a part even the less confident ones.
  12. I've been learning to play the saxophone for a little while and would like to find an adult wind band / group / ensemble to play with. I'm not exactly sure what level my playing is but I'm not a beginner, and I have played in orchestras before (on another instrument) so am used to playing with others. I don't want anything very serious, but just want to play for fun. Any suggestions would be gratefully received!
  13. I know this is going slightly off at a tangent, but I do get a bit irritated by attitudes / comments such as this...... What do people think charities actually DO? They don't just collect money and give it out to needy people - they are usually providing a service(s) of some kind, which will often complement or supplement statutory services (eg local authority), and will be funded partly by "fundraising" (eg charity shops, sponsored events etc etc) and partly by grants from Councils, Big Lottery etc etc. The "trading arm" will also allow them to raise more funds to do the work they need to do. Charities employ lots of people (not just volunteers) and so need reliable income streams both to maintain their employment and to continue the "good works". Obviously they need managers - and need to be able to attract good managers, so need to pay reasonably well ( although I would question how well charity managers are paid when compared to other fields)
  14. I know it's not near S10 but the petrol station in Deepcar does free air.
  15. What do her friends have for lunch? As this could be an issue..... I was amazed how complicated lunch arrangements were when my daughter started Secondary School - dining hall for hot meals / cafeteria for snacks/ not allowed to eat packed lunch in cafeteria / different year groups going in first for lunch each day etc etc etc.... One of my daughter's friends has free school meals and her mum assumed she was having a hot meal each day, but it turned out she virtually didn't eat any lunch for several weeks because all the rest of her friends took packed lunches and went to eat in a particular area, and if she had had her hot lunch she would have been on her own. It might be worth checking with your daughter what her friends do for lunch, as it could be something simple like not wanting to end up on her own if they all do something different. Also - what does she do at lunch time (other than eat)? Is there something so exciting that she doesn't think she has time to stop and eat? Just some thoughts......
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