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  1. Mr. Steven Griffiths G30 Consulting Ltd Unit 6 Neepsend Triangle Business Centre, 1 Burton Road, Sheffield
  2. I use this road regularly and have experienced the problem of drivers pulling out of Endcliffe Glen Road on countless ocassions. The drivers don't look to see the traffice coming from their left (which is travelling on the on-coming traffic's side due to the highway restriction. When I drive on this road, I am always on the look out for drivers who do this. Thankfully I have not had any abuse. If the OP wants to forward this response to teh police, I am happy to talk to them. It is partly a problem with the road layout, but mostly one of poor road users failing to look both ways.
  3. 'oxymoronically', I like that. I think that would be marketing speak, therefore it doesn't have to mean anything.
  4. ARe you saying that it costs to park your car on a single yellow line in town on a Sunday? How crazy is that, what in god's name is the overall benefit of that, there isn't, just SCC trying to make money, what are the associated costs, salaries and costs of managing this system. Another poor judgement by SCC.
  5. I think that you are missing the point......healthy trees should not be chopped down, it is against all aspects of common sense. We have a responsibility to society to protect our environment for each and everyone of us, we are all equally responsible. It is very simple, stop the wanton destruction of our environment, heritage and landscape. All parties in this should work to an agreed schedule of works, agreed with the protesters, tree experts and council and Amey. Above all this is a waste of public resources, is making a pathetic laughing stock of the SCC, here in Sheffield, nationally and internationally. SCC and Amey are currently responsible for the destruction of the one thing that Sheffield promotes itself by, a green city. The solution is so very simple.....stop chopping the trees down, act like responsible adults and agree a way forward.
  6. I think, the OP was posing the question somewhat provocatively, but fairly. There are many other sites available that are more local and often more effective, that just weren't around previously. This site is full of discussion and comment, some of it good humoured and some fairly unpleasant. Other sites are more open minded and not so controlling and dictatorial; it really depends on what you are looking for. I use a variety of sites and I am happy with that.
  7. pm me if you are still looking. Cheers
  8. Depending on the level of care required, you could take a look at Abbeyfield, on Fulwood Road, Fulwood, S10. They are only a small home, based on independent living, but the standards are high, they are warm and friendly and it is tastefully furnished with a beautiful garden and terrace, close to the shops and country-side. The food is always freshly prepared. They currently have a single room and the top floor flatlet available. I use to work for them. NHS nursing staff say it is the best kept secret in Sheffield, they are rubbish at promoting themselves...... Good luck.
  9. and the rest, I was driving past and counted more vehicles in attendance........was it an isolated attack or were there gangs of people involved? Imagine the duplication of paperwork.
  10. Looking for a badminton coach for enthusiastic teenager looking for more practise and learning new skills. Must have experience and references. Either before or after school. S10 area. Thank you
  11. Chris Topp, of Topp Flooring, 07525 843 938 He's a great guy no nonsense
  12. Yeah, Catcliffe for families and good transport and it's inexpensive £140K for a 3 bedroomed house with garage and garden.
  13. I've got a second hand one if your landlord/lady wants to contact me.
  14. I am looking for a local firm to lay laminate flooring in my apartment, anyone know of someone who is reliable, with experience and provides a good service please can you pm me. Many Thanks
  15. Good god, going back through this thread it makes even more sense to introduce a zero fare for all (can't call it free you see) with all the bitterness, small mindedness, lack of good spirit that seems to exist in so many of the postings. Most people just want to go about their business without aggravation but it seems that if you are a child, old (and only travel one stop), disabled, poor you can forget it, shame life isn't so kind to us all.
  16. No it isn't... Who pays for the vehicles, infrastructure to house and maintain them, management, mechanics and drivers? Fuel, tax and insurance? Don't say "The Government" or "The Council". They don't have any money of their own. Only ours. Yes and your point is........? I bet if you did a cost benefit analysis there wouldn't be much in it and the benefits to all in many different ways would be enormous. You got to think outside the circle mate.
  17. This sounds very much their thing. Unfortunately tenants have very little rights, this is how it goes 'basically if you don't like it tough' landlords can throw you out whenever they please. Agents can do what they like too. I'd go down to their offices and let them be rude to you face to face, at least they might feel a little more uncomfortable about it. You could also video it on your phone and tell them you are doing it. Seriously, demand the name and address of the landlord (a legal requirement) and deal with the landlord only, the landlord then will know what is going on (Crap & Hay probably haven't even told the landlord), the landlord may then decide not to use them (the more landlord know how bad they are the fewer will use them). Good Luck
  18. I think buses should be free for all. No frustrated bus drivers, happy passengers, optimised use of road systems, no admin costs for issuing tickets, fare dodgers, cut down on private car, reduced cost of road maintenance, reduced CO2 emmissions, no advertising costs, no competition costs, no threat of the sack for the drivers, no upset parents, children, pensioners, no wasted paper/litter (bus tickets), no share holder dividens to find, no director salaries and no bonuses. Run the buses for the benefit of the citizens for the good of the environment and to minimise costs and aggravation. It is really that simple...........
  19. As a tenant you have very little leverage. If the landlord doesn't want to fix it then there's not much you can do apart from ask. You can apply for a rent reduction but you will probably be given a notice to quit by the landlord. We need more tenants and more decent landlords.
  20. It depends on the contract, if it is an assurred shorthold. He needs to give proper notice or you give notice and only after the notice has expired is the contract ended, legally you may have to apply to the courts to remove his stuff. Been there myself, took ages for courts to act and I could get back into my house, the tenants ended up owing me £6K for ehich they must pay something silly like 20pence a month for ever more. The law is an ass.
  21. Let's just say that having used them as my letting agent for just over 6 months I have come to know that just about everything that they have ever said to me is a load of rubbish. I am left owed a considerable amount of money. Trading Standards say that anyone can setup as a Letting Agent, they are not regulated and one's only recourse is via the County Court. No one else seems to have had a problem, am I the onlly one?
  22. i'm moving on the 28th december and could really do with some, where are you? thanks
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