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  1. The Berni Inn , The old number 12 became the Garden pub. Quite modern by mid 80,s standards, with TV's showing the latest videos etc. Remember the beer being served in tall thin glasses, not your usual pint pot. Just round the corner from the Alexandra Hotel
  2. Not sure of the landlord Daz, but i know Wheeny worked behind the bar for a while
  3. Newlec is a trade name for Newey & Eyre down near Saville Street. As the other posters have said, better to buy new than repair old fans
  4. Been to the Greystones a few times and its been OK. Not sure what happended last night. Shocking service at the bar to start with. Sat near the back and had a great view of the back of someones head. Might be an idea to stagger the rows so you can see between peoples heads? Worse, was the constant opening of the door to the bar area, some even leaving it open. The noise from the bar was distracting to say the least. Add to that a couple of idiots behind us giggling and whispering to each other all through the sessions, and it goes down as a concert to forget
  5. The 5 wiers walk from Castlegate to Meadowhall is flat and untaxing. About 4 miles-ish. At Meadowhall, you can grab a tram back into town, or walk back down the canal to the basin.
  6. Ive done the round Dronfield twice, once anti-clockwise and once clockwise. There are quite a few roadside maps, and it is well signposted. I got my map from Dronfield Library. It was a couple of years ago, dont know if they still do them.
  7. Prestons team that night was 1 FredElse 2 Willie Cunningham 3 Joe Walton 4 Tommy Docherty 5 Joe Dunne 6 Frank O'Farrell 7 Les Dagger 8 Tommy Thompson 9 Tom Finney 10 Jimmy Baxter 11 Syd Taylor Wednesday lined up, Mcintosh,Staniforth, Curtis, McAnearney, McEvoy, Gibson, Finney, Quixhall, Shiner, Froggatt and Cargill crowd was 60168 quixhall after 25 mins, taylor equalised 54, shiner 98 and finney 116 mins preston won the second replay 5-1 at goodison park
  8. Not personally, but the football special train was attacked when it got back to Midland station. Women and childred too
  9. Wednesday were away at Watford, Lost 2-1, and no-one left the ground until the scoreboard comfirmed the score at the Lane. (No mobiles then, how did we manage?) And then it was like we had won the cup. Remember someone swinging on the crossbar, and the coppers completly confused at our celebrations.
  10. Next to the old Earl of Arundel , not the Lescar
  11. Well, i might have jumped the gun, but they went yesterday
  12. I went to school with his brother Ian, we both lived on the Batemoor estate in the late 60's
  13. Steve Simonsen's penalty re-entering the atmosphere?
  14. ive interviewed many ex B&Q employees. Not one of them has ever had a good word to say about them.
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