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  1. Sorry Mick, only just seen this. Im good thanks. You will have to remind me of who you are though 😁
  2. Was only thinking about Lance the other day, such a shame 😞
  3. I remember going to a nightclub there (just down from the bank at the corner of Fitzallen square) think it was called Alleycats x
  4. Aahhhhh.......but we like you the way you are Patty ? Ive got a few bad habits (more than I care to admit) Ive hit the early menopause so at the moment im like a 6ft blonde hurricane ???
  5. By the sounds of it a pedestrian was in the carriageway & hit by a van/lorry. Thoughts go out to family & friends xx
  6. If your on facebook do a search for Donna's kitchen, she did me a Groot in a plantpot (Guardians of the galaxy) and it was fantastic, she will attempt anything you ask & at around £30 not a bad price
  7. I too used Dixons coal, just off attercliffe common, go & pick up a couple of bags or get them to deliver in bulk
  8. Was Starqueen for a few years in the 80'swhen i was 14, came back on 1991 after passing my test and was Whitewitch, would sit up Treeton & Boston Castle, still in touch with Shagnasty (Gary), Apple pie (Pete) & Wings of Love (Lynn)
  9. Didnt know Brian but knew John, I saw John last year a few times, didnt know he had passed.
  10. Was sent an email to apply for tickets but couldnt get out of work to go
  11. Its the old nursery, then the old G.P collaborative...1st building on your right as you enter off Herries Road x
  12. I actually meant A road, no idea why I put B road, blonde moment I guess
  13. Audiology department is on B road (carpark road) in the Medical outpatients department (aka MOP)
  14. Like these? http://http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/322348206041
  15. After being in an abusive relationship myself many years ago I couldnt have said it better. You need time to repair yourself, the mental abuse for me was probably the hardest to overcome, years later I still suffer from low self esteem, it sounds like you have some really good friends, get out there & have fun.
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