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  1. i remember years ago people with metal detectors seen digging in roe woods dont know if they found anything.
  2. anyone remember the monday night quiz in bull and oak wicker cracking night that was big john behind the bar anyone remember joan or cheryl behind the bar cracking little pub that was pity it was pulled down.
  3. well said rach thought i was the only longley one on here
  4. in the early seventies i occasionly sold the star at southey outside the housing office for ron who ran the newsagents which was just around the corner on galsworthy road i have to say things are different now though my star gets delivered as early as 12 noon very much tempted to cancel my order.
  5. any longley residents on here how do you rate the estate have heard one or two people slagging it off have been here nearly fifty years and have got most of my family near me i dont find it to bad at all anyone agree.
  6. i remember when longley shopping centre was just that coop/ coopbutchers shop gilvrays butchers mrs hicks hardware shop 2 chippies and lots more its a lot lot different now happy days indeed.
  7. anyone know when tesco herries road reopening please.
  8. here here rosie they should not have to put up with people like that.
  9. just wondering if anyone has recently used the northern general hospital was admitted in there last week for two days and i have to say the care and treatment given was a1 those lads and lasses who work in the health service really are the tops the nhs seems to be getting a lot of bad press recently but i cannot praise them enough.
  10. one of my favourite pubs bull and oak in wicker flattened a few years ago a cracking little pub was that.
  11. as i said earlier with a baby in the house it must be classed as an emergency get stuck into them they would soon be on our backs if the rent was not paid.
  12. hopefully not to long surely its an emergency especially with a baby in the house.
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