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  1. "So MASSIVE the Owls are the only club you can see from outer space" "Should have gone to Specksavers"
  2. I worked at B&J Sipples for 5years from 1964-1969 as an apprentice Maintenance Fitter and then left to go to Richard Brothers down the moor. I remember going through the Buffing Shop and being petrified of the women shouting, "get his trousers down and see whats he,s got", I could run then..............Ha Happy Days:hihi:
  3. used to go with the Park and Arbourthorne, Manor and Arundel, all on city road. tickets used to be 2shillings and you got back 10bob ,pop and crisp and a dinner when you got there.as i remember in the 60s all the lads wanted to spend their money on was a dagger to play games with ,not like the nutters now carrying blades.
  4. as i remember, in the 60s thurs.,night was "Grab a grannie night":hihi:
  5. Used to get vouchers from school (woodthorpe) to attend the baths , on saturday mornings after visiting the baths we would go to a shop across the road for hot pie and peas with hendersons relish on. dont make pork pie like that anymore.
  6. I went to woodthorpe youth club and one on the left hand side of prince of wales road just a bit higher than St teresas heading towards the manor top. Happy days:thumbsup:
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