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  1. Hi DeeDee39 Just to let you know I have got back onto Sheffield Forum and have been reading all the interesting posts on this thread. Yes, I am Harriett's gt gt granddaughter via Thos Henry Cowlishaw. Would like to hear from Scousemouse if you do not have many Manor Park Cowlishaw details and would like them. I have quite a large tree of around 400 individuals in that area and would like to add you on ! There was also an Elaine in Ottawa who may be connected, but I don't see her post on this thread. If anyone can put me in touch, I'd be grateful. Regards
  2. This must have been the second manor chapel then. Thanks for the info. Hope you manage to trace your reletive. Katherine
  3. To Hopman, Many thanks for your detailed reply about the 'burnt' war records and local family history centres. I am actually searching for the war record of Godfrey COWLISHAW, son of Thomas Henry and Harriett Cowlishaw of Manor, Sheffield, brother of Cyril Cowlishaw (whose war record I have located). I think someone else on this thread must have been searching for HUGHES. Many thanks anyway, and I will try to follow the advice you give in furthering my own searches. K. Seavill
  4. Thanks for all the useful postings. It gives me more ideas for how to continue my search for Godfrey's war record. KSeavill
  5. Gleighton, Many thanks indeed for this kind offer. Any evidence of Godfrey's war record/time with the Pals appreciated. I would like the CWGC to recognise his contribution/sacrifice. Does anyone reading this thread know if the majority of Sheffield men would have joined the Pals (Yorks & Lancs regiments) at the start of WW1, or would there have been other regiments recruiting in Sheffield at this time? kseavill
  6. Retep, Many thanks. Is that the 1901 census you are referring to? I think that is the last official record I have of Godfrey, other than my grandfather recalling his parents getting a telegram informing them of his death (telegram has long since disappeared). He was old enough to signed up at the very start of WW1. Siren, Thanks. I came across the G D Cowlishaw in the book you mention, but as far as I am aware Godfrey had no middle name and was working as an architect at the time he signed up to the Pals, but very many thanks for taking the time to reply. Kseavill
  7. Dear Gleighton If you get to Sheffield and do find anything on the Pals in the Sheffield Star, I would really like to know. My gt. Uncle is not recorded anywhere officially and I would like to know if he gets any local mention - Godfrey Cowlishaw. I wondered if he was killed in the early days of the Somme offensive. Kseavill
  8. This is what Dave Macleod, presenter of the Time Flyers programme, said about the location of the above trenches on the Time Flyers' website after the Sheff Batt. programme was first aired. "The training ground for the Sheffield City Battalion was on a small hill on Hallam Moor, immediately north of the Redmire reservoirs. I suppose it is not really thought of as in the Peak District since it is virtually on the outskirts of Sheffield. The ground is actually owned by the city council." Hope this helps to narrow it down a bit.
  9. Don't blame them. Sounds like they thoroughly deserved their pint!
  10. Hi, Yes, I have read and enjoyed 'Birdsong'. I had not really thought much about the mining aspect of the trench warfare before. I had two gt uncles in the Sheffield Battalion. One died of trench flu in 1918 and the other was killed in action, but I have no record of where/when. The C.W.G.C. have no record of him either. My grandfather fortunately missed the Somme battle due to a bad reaction to the trench injections which hospitalised him. Good job, otherwise I wouldn't be here! Your grandfather sounds like he had someone watching over him to have survived so much.
  11. Maureen, Jane Cowlishaw has given me some information on Low Farm which she has been trying to post on Sheffgen but has been unable to so far. These are the occupants of Low Farm as far as she is aware from her records:- 1912 - Cowlishaw and Son, Farmers. Low Farm. Corker Bottom Lane 1916 - William Cowlishaw, Farmer, Low Farm,Manor Lane 1925 - William Cowlishaw, Farmer, Low Farm, Park 1926 - James Cowlishaw, Farmer Low Farm Katherine
  12. Does anyone out there have ancestors who served in the Sheffield City Battalion (Sheffield Pals)? Saw a great programme about the battalion and their part in WW1's Battle of the Somme (Time flyers BBC 2 end of November) and just wondered if anyone out there knew any interesting details/anecdotes about the Battalion and its servicemen.
  13. Maureen, Many thanks for all the information. Katherine.
  14. Maureen, I am a bit confused. Are you saying that Nunnery and Low farm are one and the same thing or were they separate farms, likely to have been held be two different owners (albeit possibly from the same family tree) ? Katherine
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