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  1. Hackney Carriages are allowed to use bus lanes and gates (certain ones where signposted) whilst working. This is to aid the passenger to not have to pay waiting time for vehicles stood in traffic. It is for the benefit of the customer and of course the driver to have access to short routes around the city with the aid of bus gates and to be quicker for the customer in rush hour traffic. At the introduction of the Private Hire Licence in 1976, it was deemed by some local councils (not all) other than London boroughs to afford the same privilege to working private hire vehicles and their customers.
  2. Bamford to Crystal Palace - according to sky http://www.skysports.com/transfer-centre/
  3. We should play Bristol City on Friday night, as this game will cause 2 fixtures to be re-arranged, play Friday as we have around 8 players cup tied for the Monday game play with them at Bristol City
  4. Hope nobody jump in for the cheap rail tickets to London after the draw was made, UTD have just confirmed that the tie will be a 1pm KO on Sunday 4th January,
  5. This day is filling up fast, get down if you want to try and new sport or are returning to it, should be a great day out. Excellent coaching, Excellent Facilities. Come down and take a look, the season run in the summer so if you play a winter sport, rugby or soccer then it wont interfere with that, get down stay fit through the summer
  6. Town Police Clauses Act 1847 - Section 53,54,55 and 56 cover the original complaint. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/vict/10-11/89 For the Parking on yellow lines argument that has gone off try this. http://www.appealnow.com/taxi-driver-and-private-hire-drivers-High-Court-decision/ Should end the roundabouts of arguments people are having. For Complaints about drivers/vehicles use the email address licensingservice@sheffield.gov.uk
  7. The Sheffield Predators American Football team are holding try outs in December for all aspects of their organisation. The Predators currently : Adult Kitted (Full Contact Team) which plays in the Premiership North of the National Championship. Junior kitted team that age ranges from 14-18 year olds. Adult Flag Football Team Currently No2 ranked Nationally. All teams play out of the new Bawtry Road Sheffield Hallam Univeristy Complex and this is where we will hold our TASTER day, So if you you watch on TV, play Madden or go to Wembley to watch the NFL, and you have always wondered what its like to play then come on down !! SHEFFIELD PREDATORS TASTER DAY Anyone 14+ welcome, SATURDAY 13th DECEMBER 2014, HALLAM SPORTS PARK BAWTRY ROAD S9 1UA 12 30 until 3pm find out more and whats in store, on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/sheffieldpredators
  8. Its not the 70k a week that is the problem, even with that if it wasnt for SKY and Sponsorship - that that coverage brings then all the prem teams could not afford those wages. And just on the similar subject all fans on here of both halves of the City seem to want to join the elite in the graveyard that is the premiership, if any one of the two clubs did emulate MC abu daba FC or CHELSKA then who on here would be able to 1, afford a season ticke or even a day family ticket. There is one shocking statistic of the premiership that all should be aware it has bancrupted (in the true sense of business) more teams than have actually won it. In fact it has bancrupted more teams than have won the FA Cup in the years of the premiership.
  9. Antonia - 27th payment sorted Who goes for the October one?
  10. Just heard that OWLS prospect is out for 6 months, blow for the blue side this will tests mandiric's reslove not to spend owt this summer.
  11. Couple of my mates got done for clipping some mouthy mugs (football related as was madines) unfortunately they cant watch a profeesional football game for 5 years, ??? We have to remember that footballers and football lives in its own bubble, Suarez, picks up his mega wages every week, Ron Atkinson, has never worked since, same offence really, ??? BOLTON 160 odd million in debt not closed down, Blockbuster owed 1/2 that - gone
  12. Are you (insert rivals team) in disguise ! The one with the start that goes Number 1 is whoever and then they repeat the same name up to number 11, and then sing we are a team of who ever what ever, Do like the new one for Scougal though to the scooby do tune which is something like scougal dougal do we love you and your only 5ft high now,
  13. Blades trying hard to make Harris switch permenant, http://www1.skysports.com/transfer-centre You will need to see the 14.52 spot for the story.
  14. Sheffield Predators Adult, Youth, Junior and Flag Teams are always looking for sponorship of any sort and all play in National Leagues, with great exposure for sponsors. Kit and Running costs of such a big organisation are a lot but we do look to have more than one sponsor and we have varing types and levels of sponsorhip available. If it is of any intereste PM me
  15. Sheffield Predators have announced their TRY OUT day for new players of American Football, this is for players of ages 14 and upwards, the team has gone from strength to strength since 2008, and now is an established Premiership Club in Britain, it attained the highest finish of any Northern English CLub last year, and made the play offs in its first year in the Premiership. We are looking for new players who have never played before, if you have played Madded or wathced NFL on TV and just want to come a see if this game is for you then come down on 5th January to Graham Colley Sports complex at Bawtry Road, If you have have played at other levels junior and univeristy etc, then come down and have a try out, Meet the team the coaches and get a feel for a great club on the up., Below is the face book event, https://www.facebook.com/events/552109881552138/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
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